The final stages of buying a practice

Moving in



Once you’ve got a sale completion date estimated, you’ll be able to start thinking about the practicalities of moving in, getting to know the practice team and meeting your patients. Even if you’re buying a practice you already work in, there will be new responsibilities that will be yours to take on after the sale goes through.


As a starting point, our Moving in checklist contains some key aspects to prepare ahead of sale completion, and things to do on day one of ownership. You'll find a copy here.


Prior to sale completion we’ll need all the details in place to ensure both your new Denplan patient list and their income is transferred to you.  If you haven’t already, fill out the Buying a Denplan list form and email it to:

[email protected] or call us on 0800 169 7660 as far in advance of sale completion as possible. As with most things, the more time we have to prepare with you, the smoother the transition will be.

Telling your patients



If you are buying a Denplan patient list, there is a contractual obligation for you and the vendor to advise the patients of the change in ownership. Our dedicated Goodwill Transfer team will work with you on writing the letter. As long as the letter contains the necessary contract change wording, the rest of the message is up to you.  It can be a personal message of goodbye from the vendor, and an opportunity to introduce yourself as the new owner. Tips on what we’ve seen work in the past from our copywriting team can be found here.


The team will then send the letter on your behalf to your Denplan patient list free of charge. If you’d like to also send the same letter to all your patients in practice, do get in touch and we can discuss the mailing, call us on 0800 169 7660 or email [email protected]

Next Steps

If you have a Denplan patient list or are interested in offering one, you’ll have a dedicated Business Development Consultant that can work with you to manage the transition of becoming the practice owner and to support making your longer term plans a reality.


Your consultant can support you with:


  • Setting and achieving practice goals
  • Retaining patients and increasing loyalty
  • Attracting new patients and promoting the practice
  • Helping you set the right fees to achieve your desired income
  • Raising your practice’s profile in the local area
  • Putting together a formal business and marketing plan
  • Providing bespoke training for your practice team


On a day-to-day basis you also have our Practice Support Team that are available to support your entire practice and can be contacted on 0800 328 3223.