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The wealth of information you'll need, in order to understand the day-to-day workings of the business, is vast and complex. 


We have created a range of blogs, webinars and other tools to help you navigate through the buying process. For our member dentists, we can provide bespoke support - simply give us a call on 0800 169 7660. We can also set up a meeting with your Business Development Consultant to help you through the purchase and to support you in realising your future plans.

Finding the right practice


Taking the huge step of looking to purchase a dental practice is daunting as it may well be the biggest investment you make, so it has to be the right investment. Finding a practice that suits you on every level will be key to your success.

Business model 

Investing time in creating a business plan that paints a picture of what you’d like to achieve in the long term, will help you to understand your requirements from the practice and what structure will support your aims.


Research the demographics of the area to understand your potential patients, understand the logistics of the location to check how accessible it is, investigate how sound the building is for your future plans and explore whether there will be a good pool of potential employees in the area. 


For our member dentists, a profile report of the postcode area in which you are looking to buy can be available. Call us on 0800 328 3223 to discuss further

Property & planning 

If you’re buying the freehold of the practice, consider the written valuation and whether you’d like to arrange your own valuation and as with any property, purchase a structural survey. For the leasehold, consider the terms of the lease, the length of time remaining on the lease, the obligations of it and whether the planning consent is in place for the use of the building.

Expert services


Buying a practice is a team effort, you’ll be joining forces with a group of handpicked experts that are all working towards achieving a smooth sale.


Did you know becoming a member with us, gives you access to a range of additional advice, resources and expertise that will help support you as you go through the buying process and establish your future business plans. Here's a summary of the membership benefits.


When buying a practice there are many items that need careful and detailed consideration to ensure you have a smooth and successful purchase. It is important you find a legal advisor who has dental market expertise so they understand the nuances of a dental practice, employee contracts, what warranties and covenants will be of use in the contract and any considerations for your regulatory body.


If you’re looking for a legal specialist, with dental experience, you can find a list of firms on the NASDAL directory.


Engage with financial specialists to ensure you have an accurate valuation of the practice Goodwill and, if applicable, the property. They can also support you with the funding you require to purchase and work with you to keep you on track with your forecasted cash flow.

Practice agency 

Practice agencies specialise in dental practice sales and valuations. They’ll support you in finding a practice that meets your requirements, maximising your resources. 

Preparing for buying a practice 

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Stages after buying a practice

stages after buying a practice
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