Keeping things sweet during Sugar-Free September

Posted by Vittoria Gallagher on 21/09/2016
frowns and smiles

When you first attempt to go sugar-free it can be quite difficult to beat the sugar cravings. Sometimes this results in falling off the wagon and giving into a sugar binge, which is never a good thing.

Fizzy drinks are all too easy to consume without realising just how much sugar they contain. Did you know just one can of Coca Cola contains a whopping 35 grams or 7 teaspoons of sugar?* Your best bet here is to go cold turkey and turn to water or unsweetened tea, but if you want something a bit more exciting, try opting for fizzy water with a glug of fruit juice, or soda water with lime.

Sugary treats are sometimes unavoidable in the workplace, especially with so many birthdays to celebrate. Check out our sugar-free muffin recipe which is made with Xylitol, a much better sugar substitute with great dental benefits. If you like to start the day with a bowl of sugar loaded cereal, you’ll find you stay full longer with a bowl of porridge topped with mixed berries.

For more ideas on swapping your favourite sugary treats for tasty snacks that don’t taste like cardboard, check out our sugar-free swaps fact sheet.