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Meet our team of dedicated Account Managers

We're here to help you get the best out of your corporate dental scheme all year round. From getting your scheme up and running to employee engagement and your scheme renewal, we'll be on hand to help you with every detail.

You can find out more about the team that are proud to offer you the best possible service below.

Camilla Stokes - Corporate Client Services Manager
Camilla Stokes

Joined Denplan: February 2004

About me:  After graduating I started working at  Denplan as a Conversion Facilitator supporting Dentists who were moving from the NHS to Denplan.  After a year I was given the opportunity to set up a new team within the department and this was my first experience of people management.  Since then I have worked in most departments across the business in a Supervisory or Management capacity and I have loved every minute of it.  In 2014 I was appointed as Client Services Manager, so I am responsible for our fantastic team of Group Support Advisors and Account Managers.  During this time I have also taken on responsibility of our Internal Sales Team which I am hugely excited about!

Favourite thing about the job: I love people management and the opportunity to support and encourage people's development.  I am a highly motivated and determined individual so I am driven by a need to improve processes and procedures for the good of the business and my team. 

Where do you see yourself in three years time? I very much see myself in people management.  I have always thought Steve Gates' office looks nice ;-)

Best thing about working for Denplan: The people!  I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people who I have learnt so much from.

Where were you born? Truro 

What’s your greatest achievement? Managing my current team, and seeing all their hard work and effort pay off!

T: 01962 827 807

Laura Bindon - Corporate Account Manager

Laura BindonJoined Denplan: June 2010

About me: I have worked at Denplan for 5 years, 2 and a half of those were spent as a group support advisor providing administration assistance to our corporate schemes and since July 2012 I have been working as an Account Manager. I look after a large portfolio of clients, from a range of different industries. I have an excellent knowledge of the dental market and our competitors and have built strong relationships with both intermediaries and clients.  I was recently married in August 2014 and am enjoying restoring my new house, whilst my new kittens destroy it!

Favourite thing about the job: I really enjoy getting out and meeting my clients and I love to see the results of the hard work I put in throughout the year at renewal.

Where do you see yourself in three years time? I would like to be working with the Corporate team looking after Key clients and managing the relationships I have already built.

Best thing about working for Denplan: My excellent colleagues and the ethos that Denplan promotes.

Where were you born? Winchester

What’s your greatest achievement? I am very proud of being able to purchase my own house last year and am really looking forward to it all being finished, so that I can enjoy it.

T: 01962 828 164

M: 07879 426318

Email: [email protected]


Yasmin Roozbehan - Corporate Account Manager

YasminJoined Denplan: May 2014

About me:  I started working at Denplan almost two years ago. I started working on the practice support team providing account management support for regional and key client dental practices in the North West. I am a driven and hardworking individual and I flourish in an environment where I can deliver account management, customer service and build business relationships as well as being able to provide new ideas to improve and support the client I am working with. Outside of work I enjoy socialising, exercise, cooking and interior design.

Favourite thing about the job:  I really enjoy establishing working relationships with a clients to ensure they are as successful and profitable as possible. Secondly, the fact that no day is ever the same, I enjoy rising to new challenges!

Where do you see yourself in three years time? My aim is to be a successful Account Manager, challenged with new opportunities, meeting and working with a variety of people in the industry and continuously developing my skills.

Best thing about working for Denplan: The great team and the work hard, play hard ethos!

Where were you born?
West Sussex

What’s your greatest achievement? Graduating from University followed by making a move from Sussex to Hampshire.

Email: [email protected]


Marie Longman - Corporate Account Manager
Marie Longman

Joined Denplan: June 2007

About me: I started my Denplan journey in the Finance team as an Credit Controller, and worked closely with the Corporate sales department, I then joined Corporate sales in 2012 as a Corporate Renewal Manager working closely with our underwriting team. This year I have taken on the role of Corporate Account Manager and share the ownership of a very large portfolio of clients,  which I am looking forward to getting know in more detail and look for opportunities for growth.

Favourite thing about the job: Getting involved with the full renewal process to ensuring best price for my clients and renewing the business, to see them reach their full potential with Denplan.

Where do you see yourself in three years time? As a successful Account Manager.

Best thing about working for Denplan: The staff and team around me.

Where were you born? Bishopstoke.

What’s your greatest achievement? My two boys who take up most of my time outside of work.

T: 01962 828078

Email: [email protected]

Jack Barratt – Commercial Business Associate

Joined Denplan: May 2013

About me: I joined Denplan in 2013 as a Corporate Group Support Advisor, carrying out the administration for our largest corporate schemes. In 2014 I moved into the position of Pricing Advisor, and then in 2015 I was made Commercial Business Associate, managing all of our renewing business. In my spare time I enjoy playing music, going to gigs and cooking.

Favourite thing about the job: Offering employees a sustainably priced and valuable benefit.

Where do you see yourself in three years time? Developing my role even further, implementing slicker processes and reporting structures while growing Denplan’s relationships with key intermediaries.

Best thing about working for Denplan: The people I work with, both in my team and around the business. It makes coming into work every day a pleasure!

Where were you born? Born in St Albans but grew up in Southampton.

What’s your greatest achievement? Being promoted into my current role, I love my job.

T: 01962 828237  

Email: [email protected]

Jessie Thorpe - Business Development Associate
JessieJoined Denplan: March 2013

About me: I started my Denplan career as a Corporate Advisor on the service delivery team in August 2013. I was then seconded to the New Business team in March 2014 which I am very proud to now be a permanent part of. I support Zoe Lancaster, our Northern Consultant, on the team who I have a great working and personal relationship with. In my spare time I really enjoying exercise and keeping fit.

Favourite thing about the job: The people I work with! From the people who I get to see every day in the office to the intermediaries and consultants I speak to most days on the’s always felt like a second family at Denplan.

Where do you see yourself in three years time? I see myself at Denplan in three years from now and I hope to still be working on the New Business Team and winning lots of business!

Best thing about working for Denplan: Other than the people that I am lucky enough to work with on a daily basis I think the best thing about working for Denplan is the way we are treated by the company. As staff we are really looked after throughout the year and it makes coming to work every day fun and rewarding.

Where were you born? Winchester

What’s your greatest achievement? Other than managing to get tickets to see Beyonce in 2014, I feel my greatest achievement was assisting in the setup of a new small business 2012, selling children’s Micro Scooter accessories. I was heavily involved with the product research and development and the website build

T: 01962 828243

Email: [email protected]


Eloise Mellor – Corporate Account Manager

About me: I’m a highly motivated and driven person, I started here in Denplan on the practice support side of the business beginning as an administrator then being promoted to regional practice support advisor, then onto a key client account manager and now I’m making the exciting move to Corporate. I’m an approachable and honest person and I can’t wait to get going in the Corporate account manager role. In my spare time I love to travel to different countries experiencing different cultures, keeping fit and enjoying the odd glass of red!

Favourite thing about the job:Being both Field and Office based, having interaction with Clients, representing the company and increasing face to face rapport. Having a more personal level with Clients and being Clients “go to” point of contact in the office.

Where do you see yourself in three years’ time: being new to this particular role I see myself very much in the same role within this time frame, I’m excited to take on the challenge and bring my knowledge and understanding of the dental market to ensure a seamless service for clients as well as building great working relationships.

Best thing about working for Denplan: Definitely the people, there are so many lovely, driven and talented people throughout the company. I also feel Denplan is brilliant at helping to develop you as a person, progression is encouraged.

Where were you born? Winchester

What’s your greatest achievement? I presented a fashion collection in Earls court London at Graduate fashion week, it was a sold out opening show to more than 700 people. This was a great final end to my Fashion degree. It also meant Ted Baker approached me to do an internship with their design studios, giving me invaluable experience and creativity that I can bring to my current role.

T: 07810 153337

Email: [email protected]

Stacey Lawrence - Business Development Associate

Joined Denplan: July 2014

About me: I started at Denplan in July 2014 as a Corporate Group Support Advisor, where I supported my dedicated Account Manager with any administrative tasks, including reconciliation's, the processing of renewals and making sure that our account statuses are up to date. In January 2016, I was fortunate enough to progress within Corporate and I became a Business Development Associate. In my spare time, I love travelling to exciting new places and trying new things.

Favourite thing about the job: Constantly talking to & meeting with new people, it means that I’m always learning new things – there is never a dull day!

Where do you see yourself in three years’ time? I hope that I will still be working within the Corporate Sales department, as a Business Development Associate. Currently, I am working on a project to improve our CRM system, when this has been finalised, I would like to start supporting one of the Regional Consultants.

Best thing about working for Denplan: Definitely the team, I have made friends for life.

Where were you born? Southampton

What’s your greatest achievement? In June 2015, I travelled to 10 different European cities in 21 consecutive days.

T: 01962 828 130

Email: [email protected]


Jasmine Fisher - Corporate Account Manager
Joined Denplan: December 2014 

About Me: I’ve always worked in financial services since leaving school, wanting to take break to see the world I went travelling for 5 months in 2014 before I started at Denplan a little over a year ago. I came to Denplan to be part of the Practice Support Team. Dealing with dentists directly and supporting them and their practice staff. I have had experience in all aspects of practice support, starting with smaller practices and new business in the London area to then moving into supporting Key Clients across Scotland, Northern Ireland and north of England. In 2016 I made the move to Denplan’s Corporate department to become Corporate Account Manager. 

Favourite thing about the job: My favourite thing about the job would probably be the balance between office work and out meeting clients. I love having the ability to build and strengthen relationships through face to face meetings and of course the fantastic people I work with. 

Where do you see yourself in three years time? I see myself definitely still at Denplan, I am new to this role and thoroughly enjoying it, so at the moment cannot see that changing for a while. 

Best thing about working for Denplan: The people, everyone has such a fantastic work ethic and is a great support to one and other. Where were you born? At Home! Bishopstoke 

What’s your greatest achievement? Doing a sky dive when I was in Australia, massive achievement as I am terrified of heights (and flying!)

T: 01962 828267 

Email: [email protected]