Coronavirus answers

for Denplan patients

Denplan Products and Payments

  • Should I keep my payment plan if I'm not able to see my Dentist?

    Denplan is helping you budget for your routine dental needs on a monthly basis and so if we continue to collect payments, appointments can be re-booked when services are back to normal. As you are spreading the cost of your dental care to provide annual coverage, this avoids any large dental fees if you need any dental care in the future.  

    While many dental surgeries are now closed for routine appointments, patients can still access treatment for emergencies and dental advice. If you have opted in to the Supplementary Insurance you will still be able to claim back any costs for emergency treatment out of hours or for any treatment following a dental injury, subject to the terms and conditions of your policy.

  • Why is Denplan continuing to take payments during this time?

    Denplan is a monthly scheme based on the principle of capitation, whereby in exchange of an agreed monthly fee, your dentist provides all routine dental treatment and maintains your oral health. These payments are passed to your dentist to ensure the continuity of care you need and will continue as lockdown restrictions are lifted. As Denplan allows you to budget for your private dental care, if you choose to cancel your plan, practices may ask for missed payments to be collected when re-joining Denplan or charge you privately.

  • Can I set up a payment break instead of cancelling my plan?

    Payment break options may be available from individual Denplan member dentists rather than cancelling. We advise all patients to contact their Dentist to discuss their plan in the first instance. As the contract you hold is with your Dentist, they are the best people to discuss any concerns in regards to your monthly payments.

  • Do I qualify for a payment break?

    If you are struggling with your monthly payments, payment break options may be available from your Dentist. This option is best to discuss directly with your practice as Denplan is not authorised to change monthly payments without your Dentist’s consent. Some patients have been granted a payment break which has been agreed by their practice, which is what you’ve seen in media articles.

  • What’s the best way to reach my dental practice or Dentist?

    If you have a dental emergency please ring your dental practice.  Practices will have a voicemail message to assist you if they are shut. If you have a general query, try emailing the practice on the email they advertise on their website.

  • If my practice is able to support a payment break, how would I be able to set this up?

    If you are granted a payment break, you can contact Denplan by filling out this form.

    We must have an active Direct Debit in order for the payment freeze to be able to be actioned. Please be assured, no Direct Debits will be collected during the agreed payment break period.

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Payment options

Accessing Dental Care

  • Are Dentists seeing patients for routine dental care?

    Practices are restricted to these guidelines for the health and safety of patients and staff at the practice and so may postpone appointments. Dental check-ups and treatments involve close contact between the dentist and the patient. Along with social distancing measures currently in place across the nation, official guidance states that routine dental treatment has had to be temporarily postponed.

  • What service is being provided for an emergency/dental injury?

    While practices are shut, dentists are still providing services such as: dental advice, analgesia (medication that acts to relieve pain) and antimicrobial agents (e.g. antibiotics used against bacteria) where appropriate.  Care is still available for emergency and urgent dental problems. If you are in pain, have bleeding, or swelling, or have had an accident and need urgent dental care, please contact your dental team.

    If you have the optional Denplan Supplementary insurance you will also have cover for dental injury and temporary emergency treatment when 40 miles away from your practice.  Additionally, you will still be able to claim back any costs incurred for emergency treatment out of hours and telephone consultants up to benefit limits.  

Contacting us

  • How will Denplan be managing patient queries in these times?

    We're working hard to make sure we are there for all our customers and to continue to offer you the best service possible. We would however, like to thank you for your patience during this time as due to the impact of Coronavirus, we have changed the way we serve you.  If you have an urgent query we are able to take calls but please be aware the team are working from home so there may be a delay in answering.

    Instead of calling, you can easily get in touch with us by filling out this form. Please note that we're experiencing high volumes of emails at this time and we are working through them as quickly as we can. Unfortunately this means there could be a waiting time before we are able to respond. If you have emailed please be sure to check your junk email box for any replies. Again, thank you for your understanding.