Coronavirus answers

for Denplan patients

Accessing Dental Care

  • Are Dentists now seeing patients for routine dental care?

    Yes, dental practices are open during the latest lockdown restrictions. Most of our Denplan member dentists have been open for both emergency and routine care since the summer, with dentists in Wales never closing. Practices have worked hard to catch up with their backlogs from the period they were unable to open last year.

  • What service is being provided for an emergency/dental injury?

    Your dentist will be able to help you with emergency and urgent dental problems. If you are in pain, have bleeding, or swelling, or have had an accident and need urgent dental care, please contact your dental team. If you have opted in to the Supplementary Insurance you will still be able to claim back any costs incurred for emergency treatment out of hours and for dental injuries, as well as many other benefits.

  • Is it safe to go to the dentist?

    Dental practices always prioritise the health and safety not only of their patients but also for their staff. During the COVID 19 pandemic the safety measures have been stepped up to provide enhanced protection for everyone. Dental teams wear additional Personal Protective Equipment, stagger patient appointments to allow social distancing and conduct even more thorough disinfection of the surgery after a patient has left.

  • Why is dentistry deemed an essential service by the government?

    It is important for everyone to keep on top of their oral health and without access to dental professionals, dental issues could start to emerge. Regular dental check-ups are essential to help prevent small problems with your teeth or gums becoming bigger and more tricky to manage. Additionally, your dentist checks your mouth for the earliest signs of soft tissue problems. The most important of these is mouth cancer, where regular check-ups to allow early detection is vital.

Denplan Products and Payments

  • I have not been able to see my Dentist. Should I keep my payment plan?

    Your Denplan payment plan is helping you budget monthly for your routine dental care and so by continuing to make monthly payments, you can ensure that any postponed appointments will be re-booked with your dental practice. By spreading the cost of your dental care you can ensure you’ll get both annual coverage as well as certainty that you won’t receive unexpected dental fees if you need any dental treatment in the future. If you have not heard from your dentist and were expecting to be seen for routine treatment, please do ring them to book in. While dental practices in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland were closed, patients still had access to treatment for emergencies and dental advice.

  • If I’ve not been able to go to the dentist, what are my options?

    The contract that you have is between you and your dentist, and your payment plan is tailored depending on your dentist’s assessment of your oral health and ongoing treatment needs. To cover you for all the annual dental care that is covered by your plan, we pass your monthly fee on to your dentist.

    Because of this, if you have any queries regarding your contract or your payments, please call your practice who will be able to help.

  • If my dentist has agreed to reimburse Denplan payments, how will I receive this?

    If you contact Denplan about a refund, we will ask you to speak to your registered dentist. If your dentist does decide to reimburse your monthly payments they will contact us directly to authorise your refund.

    Please note, as Denplan allows you to budget for all of your oral health care, if your dental practice authorises a refund, you will no longer be covered and you can expect to be charged privately for your dental care.

  • Why is my dental practice charging for the cost of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

    To protect the safety of dentists and patients, mandatory measures have been put in place for dentists to use protective equipment at dental practices. During the pandemic the cost of PPE has increased significantly in all areas of health care, including dentistry. Therefore all patients, including Denplan patients may temporarily face extra charges to meet the enhanced infection prevention measures needed to operate with maximum safety. Denplan member dentists set their own fees for all examinations and treatments and therefore Denplan do not enforce any set fee. If you have concerns over the fees you’re being charged please speak to your dental practice.

  • I have been charged privately for emergency treatment by another dentist

    Denplan is a way to spread the cost of your routine dentistry monthly with the Denplan dentist you are registered with. By spreading the cost of your dental care in this way, you can ensure that you’ll get both annual coverage as well as certainty that you won’t receive unexpected dental fees if you need any dental treatment from your dentist in the future.

    If you receive treatment by another dentist, as they have not received your payments or have a contract with you, this isn’t covered.

    If you have Supplementary Insurance as part of your plan, temporary emergency treatment is covered when you are more than 40 miles away from your dentist. You can send in a claim form to Denplan for reimbursement up to your policy limits. You can find a claim form here. If this emergency occurred due to a traumatic dental injury and you have Supplementary Insurance, please speak to your dentist about how to claim.

  • What do I need to do in order to cancel my plan?

    If you would like to cancel your plan we always suggest that you to speak to your dentist first, as they are providing your dental care, they will be able to go though the best options to ensure that you can continue to maintain good oral health.

    If you wish to cancel, please go to which will guide you through the options that may be available to you. Please be aware that your options will depend on what your specific dental practice offers .You will need your Paygroup ID (which you can find on your recent ‘Your Denplan 2020’ booklet) and the surname and date of birth of the policy holder.

  • I have cancelled my payments how can I reinstate my direct debit?

    If you wish to reinstate your payment plan, please call our customer advisor team on 0800 401 402 and press option 3. We will contact your dental practice to confirm the plan start date. The phone lines are open Monday- Friday from 09:00- 17:00.

    We may also try to call you if your direct debit has been cancelled. The phone number we will call from is 0330 102 5439.

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Contacting us

  • How will Denplan be managing patient queries in these times?

    We're working hard to make sure we are there for all our customers and to continue to offer you the best service possible.

    If you have any further questions, please fill in our form here, providing as much detail as possible.

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