Why recruiting patients on to a payment plan makes sense

Posted by Denplan on 09/12/2015
Recruiting patients

For your practice, partnering with a dental payment plan provider can mean a more regular income for your business and patients that attend more often. Denplan also offers additional benefits, such as business, marketing and regulatory support to help you grow your practice.

Patients will appreciate the ability to spread the cost of treatment and the peace of mind that emergency and injury cover provides. But what is the best way to reach them?
Find out how to recruit more patients onto the payment plans you offer with these handy tips for the whole practice team:

R is for Reception – Make sure your reception is welcoming and comfortable; be attentive, knowledgeable and friendly. Identify all non-plan patients at the start of the day and make a note to talk to them about your payment plan options during their visit. At Denplan we can help with creating promotional literature and posters for patients to read as they wait for their appointment.

E is for Examination – Assess your patient beforehand if necessary. Talk about how a plan can help them budget for their dental care and mention any other benefits they may enjoy. Remind them that regularly attending the dentist means they are less likely to need costly treatments in future.

C is for Confirmation – Once your patient’s examination is over, make sure they know which plan they are joining and what is included in their payment. Offer further literature and complete an application form.

R is for Reinforce – Answer any questions your patient may have. Remind them of the advantages of their plan, such as the ease of budgeting, supplementary insurance or more time with their dentist etc.

U is for Utilise – The whole practice team can help to recruit patients by working together and communicating at each relevant touch point during their visit. This can help with the retention of payment plan customers too.

I is for Incentivise – Encourage patients to sign up on the day of their appointment with incentives such as a discount on their next appointment or a dental goody bag. Some payment plan providers will run offers such as these throughout the year at no cost to your practice. You could also implement a patient referral scheme to your current payment plan patients.

T is for Take away – If a patient hasn't signed up on the day of their appointment, provide them with literature to take away. Follow up by emailing or telephoning them in a month and mentioning their payment plan options again at their next visit.