Building a successful and motivated practice team

Posted by Denplan on 28/01/2016
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During January you may be thinking about New Year’s resolutions for your practice. Like most things, these will be a lot easier to achieve with a little help from the people around you.

Good teamwork is integral to every business and all individuals within the team play a part in its success. Sharing information and working together as an entire team is much more effective than working in small groups or soldiering on alone. It’s important that everyone understands the value of team working and the benefits it can bring to your practice, from increased productivity to decreased patient waiting time.

Here are our 5 ways to build a winning practice team:

1. Define your team goals

It’s essential that everyone involved agrees on the short and long term goals. Once these have been outlined you can decide on an action plan and delegate areas to all team members

2. Work together to achieve your action plan

It can be incredibly motivating for practice staff to have their ideas and skills recognised when working to accomplish common goals. Remember to clearly define roles and responsibilities so each team member knows what they are personally accountable for

3. Identify what’s stopping you and address it

Sometimes you will come up against barriers to attaining your goals. When this happens you need to address them as quickly as you can. This may mean that you need to amend your action plan, so it’s important to keep communication open and effective

4. Review your progress

Monitor and review developments with regular communication both informally and at meetings. Ensure that you are all on the right track and able to help each other where needed

5. Acknowledge your success

Take time to acknowledge your achievements and celebrate progress at team meetings. This will maintain your motivation and spur ongoing commitment to your goals

This blog post is an extract from our ‘Getting to grips with working as a team and team communication’ guide. A full version is available to member dentists from their Dental Business consultant. We also publish a range of guides on other topics in our ‘Getting to grips with…’ series.

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