DEPPA at 60,000

Posted by Mike Busby on 28/02/2016
Mike Busby

We have just passed the 60,000 assessment milestone with DEPPA. The anonymous data are constantly reviewed and analysed to confirm the validity of DEPPA, and to give us significant insights into the oral health trends in the population benefiting from having a DEPPA.

Three papers have already been published in the BDJ and two more are under development. As you know, the data are also used to supply you with audit benchmarks in the ‘practice analysis’ section of DEPPA. You can find much more detail on the audit aspect of DEPPA in the new DEPPA manual which is now available on our web site. The table below is very reassuring in respect of the consistency and validity of both DEPPA as a metric and of the calibration and consistency of the 600 of you now contributing to this data base.

The Oral Health Score average has remained between 78 and 79 each month since the first 600 patients were assessed in the pilot study. Further, we continue to see that the levels of caries and periodontal disease detected by you is very close to the levels being detected in patients reporting regular dental attendance in the last Adult Dental Health Survey (ADHS).

Finally, in respect of risk, as might be expected, the percentage of patients scoring high or very high risk is closely related to the percentage diagnosed with significant disease both in the case of caries and periodontal disease. All in all, pat yourself on the back for recording credible and consistent data in general practice!

Headline stats compared with the Adult Dental Health Survey

Ave age   AV OHS  High Caries risk High perio risk Caries/defects found Severe perio disease found 
DEPPA    55
ADHS        47