Exploring the inevitable consequences of UDA underperformance

Posted by Denplan on 05/04/2016

Introduction from Roger Matthews

Upcoming reforms to NHS contracts for dentists in England have been clouded in uncertainty and speculation for seven years now. While we have some sense of direction through the current prototypes, dentists do not have any detailed information yet about the exact nature or likely impact of contract changes on practice management and profitability or patient care. Denplan continues to help thousands of dentists navigate NHS contract reform. Welcome to our new series of blogs in which we examine a number of ‘if’ scenarios in relation to NHS dental contract reforms. 

If UDA underperformance inevitably led to clawback and re-basing of contacts…how would a change in your base-line impact your bottom line?

Are you aware that last year more than 62% of NHS practice principals found meeting their NHS targets demanding?* Perhaps, you are reading this now and thinking ‘I’m one of those principals struggling to reach the required number of UDAs’ – or even working out how you’re doing in relation to your target. If you are, then you may also be concerned about the consequences of this for your practice and your future as an NHS dentist.

This year or next year, missing UDA targets by a few hundred units could have significant consequences. The most serious of which could be a re-basing of NHS contracts**, at best, a clawback of funds, although to what extent remains impossible to predict.

We surveyed NHS dentists about how concerned they are about their UDA underperformance, and how this could impact their practice. When asked ‘If UDA underperformance inexorably led to clawback and re-basing of contacts…***

  • Three quarters (75%) of dentists said they would be concerned
  • 69% of dentists said they would be likely to leave the NHS
  • Almost three quarters (73%) of dentists said it would have an impact on the profitability of their practice

If you want to know more about how we can help you secure your practice in uncertain times and help you stay in front, visit our 'if' pages. We are also hosting a number of evening In Front Seminars at various locations around the UK which are free for dentists to attend. 

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* Source: BDA Surveys of Practice Owners 2015. Base: Practice owners 

**The Dental Assurance Framework (NHS England 2014), states that repeated under-delivery (>4%) at year end may lead to discussion of re-basing a contract. For larger contracts, under delivery up to >4% may also still give rise to a re-basing proposal.

***Source: Denplan NHS Survey, February 2016, base 182 respondents. All dentists who have a contract in England or Wales.