Revised BSP guidelines

Posted by Dr Henry Clover on 12/04/2016

The British Society of Periodontology have recently issued some revised guidance on the Basic Periodontal Examination (BPE). The key points from this were as follows:

  • All new patients should have BPE recorded 
  • Where codes are 0,1 or 2 BPE should be recorded at every routine examination 
  • Code 3 – initial therapy then record 6 point pocket chart in that sextant only 
  • Code 4 - in any sextant, record 6 point pocket chart for entire dentition  

Additionally, the main changes outlined in the guidelines are:

  • Radiographs for all code 3 & 4 sextants as before but periapicals are recommended 
  • Code 3 sextants should only have a 6 point pocket chart after initial therapy 
  • When carrying out a 6 point pocket chart only record sites of 4mm and above 
  • Always record bleeding on probing with a 6 point chart
  • BPE should not be used around implants

If you would like more information on the revised guidelines, the full document can be accessed at