Denplan Design is back!

Posted by Denplan on 08/08/2016

Putting Design Back in Your Hands

Are you aware that our virtual studio, Denplan Design, is back? This online tool enables practices to produce your own posters, leaflets, vouchers and more! We encourage you to visit where you’ll find a range of pre-populated marketing templates, ready for you to customise with your practice logo.

While the Practice Marketing team continues to offer practices bespoke marketing and PR support, Denplan Design provides an efficient, straightforward way for practice teams to take control of their basic marketing activities.

Choice of Design suites

Within Denplan Design (formerly called Commsbuilder), you’ll find the familiar four design suites to choose from. Each of the design suites has specific features and an individual appeal. Choose from the friendly ‘Family’ suite with lots of bright, attractive colours, the luxurious ‘Spa’ suite with a calm, indulgent feel, the slick and contemporary ‘Modern’ suite or the bold, vibrant ‘Dynamic’ suite with its all-round appeal. This great starting point can then be further customised with your practice logo, your preferred colours and images and your own wording. If you have any suggestions of the style of suites you’d like to see, please get in touch!


You needn’t worry if marketing is not one of your strengths. You’ll find Denplan Design has been created to guide you step by step through the design process with pre-populated templates. And don’t be concerned that using templates will mean losing your practice’s unique identity – far from it. The studio editing element enables you to choose your preferred colours, input your own text in the editable areas, and upload your own images for your marketing materials. This way your practice’s look and feel will be maintained and you remain in control.

In case you’re not familiar with Denplan Design, you can find templates for all sorts of every day marketing literature, including referral cards, vouchers, posters, flyers and more. We’ve got free text flyer and poster templates that allow you complete flexibility to decide on the message, the headline and subtext so you can use them for open days, promotional offers or whatever else you require. The only limitation is in the word count to help you maintain an attractive, uncluttered appearance, however you can be as creative as you like with your message.

Save time and money

Completely free to use for Denplan members, Denplan Design can save time and money when considering agency consultancy and design fees that would be involved in creating marketing collateral of this calibre. Denplan Design will generate print-ready artwork which you can then choose to either download and send to a printer of your choice or print at a preferred rate within the system. The website has a simple, secure credit card payment portal for you to pay for your print.

You also have the ability to create practice fee guides on Denplan Design. As you are aware, the GDC Standards for the Dental Team, section 2.4.1 states, “You must make sure that a simple price list is clearly displayed in your reception or waiting area. This should include a list of basic items including a consultation, a single-surface filling, an extraction, radiographs (bitewing or pan-oral) and treatment provided by the hygienist. For items which may vary in cost, a ‘from - to’ price range can be shown.”

Dos and don’ts

The messaging and images for most of the literature on Denplan Design can be altered to suit your practice tone but make sure you proof read your work before you send anything to print so there aren’t mistakes, leaving you to pay twice for print. And if you are uploading your own images, please ensure you have permission to use them and that they are of a good enough quality for printing. You cannot take images off Google and use for your own purposes as there may be copyrights attached to them. And finally to make sure your creation is GDC compliant, don’t forget to include the GDC numbers of your dentists and state if you are a private, NHS or mixed practice.

As Denplan Design is a virtual studio, it is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week so you can use the system whenever suits you! Consistent, professionally presented literature couldn’t be easier. If you have forgotten your login details, please contact the Practice Support Team. Otherwise, please visit at your convenience and get your creative juices flowing!

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For hints and tips on making your messaging most effective speak to our Practice Marketing Team who would be happy to give advice on succinct copy and emotive messaging.