Denplan #BlueLipSelfie supporting Mouth Cancer Action Month 2016 

Posted by Denplan on 25/10/2016
Blue Lip Selfie logo

As the Oral Health Foundation’s Mouth Cancer Action Month gets underway in November, Denplan’s #BlueLipSelfie campaign is set to involve hundreds of dental practices around the country.

As the main sponsor of Mouth Cancer Action Month, Denplan is passionate about raising awareness about mouth cancer. The increasing popularity of its #BlueLipSelfie campaign allows dental professionals to talk to their patients about the risks, symptoms and prevention of this devastating disease.

Mouth Cancer Action Month aims to get more mouth cancers diagnosed at an early stage by educating people on the risk factors, signs and symptoms; while also encouraging the public to discuss them with their dental professional.

Dr Henry Clover, Chief Dental Officer at Denplan, said: “Early detection of mouth cancer is pivotal in fighting against this disease and makes an enormous difference to survival rates. This means that all dental professionals are on the front line of raising awareness and helping patients understand the risks and symptoms.

He added: Practices can wear blue lips as a visible sign of their support for the mouth cancer campaign, which can help raise awareness and if wearing them in practice, can be a positive conversation starter.  They can also share their photos on their social media sites. We saw hundreds of practices taking part last year, and we hope we will see even more this year.”

Denplan has included a range of information including case studies of people who have survived mouth cancer – due to their dentist spotting early signs of the disease– as well as information about what a mouth cancer check involves.

Denplan has sent all member practices a poster, PR toolkit and a sheet of blue lip stickers so that they can support the campaign.  To take part in #BlueLipSelfie all practices have to do is take a photo of themselves, their patients or their teams with blue lips and share it on Twitter or Instagram using the campaign’s hashtag: #BlueLipSelfie.  

Practices and patients can also directly upload a selfie to Denplan’s specially created microsite and gallery at or customise their photo with fun blue cartoon lips using the app.

Member practices can also go to their Dashboard to find out more about how to take part. 

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