Simplyhealth Professionals: new name, same Denplan dental plans

Posted by Denplan on 21/03/2017
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You’ll have most likely heard that on 16th February 2017 Denplan rebranded as Simplyhealth Professionals. What we want to highlight to you is that we are still providing the full range of Denplan dental payment plans, that you know and trust, under the Denplan product name.  

Rest assured, aside from the positive changes to come from rebranding, such as increased resources and access to more people willing to pay for private healthcare, the things you value remain unchanged.

You can still look forward to the same high level of service from your Dental Business Consultant, as well as the same enthusiastic and committed practice support. And, as mentioned, Denplan payment plans will continue to be available as you have always known them with the Denplan name. 

Continuity for you – and for your patients. Your patients will be on the same recognisable and trusted plan. So you can continue to choose the plan that suits your individual patient's needs and budget, supporting them with their everyday health so they can make the most of life.

Dental payment plans

Denplan Care*

Our most comprehensive payment plan.

Denplan Essentials*

Our maintenance plan.

Denplan for Children*

Dental payment plans for younger patients.

Denplan Membership*

Encouraging loyalty for PFPI patients.

Denplan Hygiene

Our plan for additional hygiene treatment.

*Includes worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover (Denplan Supplementary Insurance).

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