Strength in Teamwork

Posted by Denplan on 01/06/2017

Over the last few weeks I began to feel I was morphing in to a well know film actor who got stuck living in an airport terminal. In my case it was Heathrow Terminal 5 and the definite low was getting changed in to another outfit in the facilities so that I was ready to go at my next destination.  Coupled with this comes the comments from my team when they do see me of ‘hello stranger’ or ‘who are you?’!! Managing your own role and managing a team whilst constantly out and about can feel like a juggling act.

It is times like this when we fully realise the strength and goodness of our teams. Their solidity keeps me going. Knowing that I totally trust them to carry on with their roles without me being there to check up on them gives me peace when I am away but also pride in their abilities. Even when times are challenging this does not alter their direction and motivation.

I know that they will do all they possibly can to try not to contact me whilst I am out, sometimes to my frustration as I like to hear from them!

It is easy to take teams for granted, especially when things are going well. If things run smoothly it is common to forget why they are running so well. It is often only when cracks appear that we consider what is going on within the team. Of course at this point we need to pay attention, but it shouldn’t be the only time we do so.

Most people desire praise - often more than they desire a raise or better working conditions. We all like to know we are wanted and appreciated. In a busy working day this can often get forgotten. As dentists, I know a lot of people thrive on their ‘fan base’ of patients and that keeps them going.  The rest of the team doesn’t always get that same praise from patients so they need it from you.

Be good to your team and they will be good to you, and always remember, there is no way we would be able to function without them. I am certainly very grateful for my team and all they do and I shouldn’t just be reminded of that because I am almost living in a terminal building!!

About the Author:

Catherine Rutland

Catherine Rutland works as Head of Professional Services at Simplyhealth Professionals, and writes a monthly column for Dentistry.