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Posted by Simplyhealth Professionals on 24/07/2017
Dentistry Show Team

Having been part of our team on the stand at two big shows this month my introvert head has been challenged. At the start of the two or three days I feel like I have to brace myself to meet the challenge of staying focused, positive and energised. Although I am exhausted by the end and given the choice, would not speak to anyone for several days, I tend to resolve this by going swimming in a lake. When caught up in an airlines computer problems on my journey home the thought of the lake kept my head in order!

But on reflection, the interim between the bracing and the swimming was positive and weirdly refreshing. As I find repeated over and over, the power of the team you are working with is so important, even to the length of rescuing me from an airport to help get me home.

As a profession we can often be working in relative isolation and the joy of shows is to meet up with so many other professionals. So many people I knew visited the stand and there were also so many new faces to talk to. In my breaks I wandered around visiting other stands and catching up with people. When I had conversations with fellow professionals it reminded me of how many of us are working towards the same causes.

Of course the same frustrations are shared by all the profession but I had a huge number of positive conversations. What is very evident is the concern we all feel for our fellow professionals when things are tough for them, for whatever reason. The desire to do something to help colleagues in adversity came up in almost every conversation I had. Although there are so many avenues that people can go down to gain help, they are often little known and poorly ‘joined up’. For someone who is struggling, but has not yet reached a regulatory or legal breach, this does not make it easy for them to find the help they need.

The more we can communicate and join up the help that is available, the better it is for those who are struggling. But also, from all the conversations I had, my feeling is, the more we can unite the profession.

About the Author:

Catherine Rutland

Catherine Rutland works as Head of Professional Services at Simplyhealth Professionals, and writes a monthly column for Dentistry.