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Posted by Simplyhealth Professionals on 12/10/2017
Enhanced CPD

Enhanced CPD is rapidly approaching, and we really need to start thinking about it. And thinking is a big part of the new system. Personally I welcome this shift in attitude and I know many who agree, especially those who believe and understand how valuable good CPD can be to any registrant group.

If you attend a course for the sake of it you will learn almost nothing, so what was the point in going? If you are going to take a day away from the practice make sure it is worthwhile and fits your learning aims.

So before we do any CPD from the relevant start point for our registrant group, we need to take a step back and think about our PDPs. Where do we want to go professionally? What do we want to learn that will help us get to that point? We may find that it is difficult to contemplate this alone and need peer support to think about what we want and tease out what is important to us. It is a very different way of thinking if you have just been conscious of racking up hours to make sure you comply.

Once you’ve established your PDP you can then find the CPD which will match. Personally I am a strong believer in learning with other people, either as a team or with peers. The discussions after any learning are so much part of the process. I know that for me I need that discussion to imbed the learning and then reflect on what I have learnt. Of course, whilst on courses we often learn a lot from our colleagues, and not necessarily about the subject that the course is on, but still potentially relevant to our professional life.

We must all start to reflect on what we have learnt and how it benefits/modifies our professional lives. This is an important part of the process. If we reflect and feel we have gained nothing we then need to review why we chose to do that particular CPD in the first place. Of course as someone who presents quite a lot, it is also imperative that I make sure that I meet or exceed the quality assurance protocols for CPD providers recommended by the GDC. Maybe I need to add ‘reflection on feedback’ in to my PDP…..!!

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Catherine Rutland

Catherine Rutland works as Head of Professional Services at Simplyhealth Professionals, and writes a monthly column for Dentistry.