November is Mouth Cancer Action Month

Posted by Simplyhealth Professionals on 23/10/2017
Mouth Cancer Action Month 2017

Simplyhealth Professionals is delighted to be the main sponsor once again of the Oral Health Foundation's Mouth Cancer Action Month (MCAM).

We are passionate about promoting the key messages of MCAM and making a difference alongside you, our member dental practices. November is the perfect opportunity for your teams to help raise awareness of mouth cancer, hold free oral health checks with mouth cancer examinations, and help play a crucial role in detecting the disease early. 

More than 7,000 people were diagnosed with mouth cancer last year in the UK, this is more than cervical and testicular combined, yet awareness of mouth cancer remains dangerously low. Cases of the disease have grown by a third in the last decade and it is one of very few cancers which are predicted to increase further in the coming years.* Early detection remains crucial as it significantly increases a person's chances of survival, which is why your practice's help is so valuable. 

Dr Henry Clover, Director of Dental Policy, said: "Early detection of mouth cancer is pivotal in fighting against this disease and makes an enormous difference to survival rates. This means that all dental professionals are on the front line of raising awareness and helping patients understand the risks and symptoms. 

"By providing mouth cancer checks for their patients at routine appointment, dental professionals can open up discussions with their patients and encourage them to feel comfortable when talking about the lifestyle choices that may be putting them at risk of mouth cancer."

He added: "Practices can wear blue lips as a visible sign of their support for the mouth cancer campaign, which can help raise awareness and if wearing them in practice, can be a positive conversation starter. They can also share their photos on their social media sites. We saw hundreds of practices taking part last year, and we hope we will see even more this year."

As part of Mouth Cancer Action Month, Simplyhealth Professionals is running it's popular #BlueLipSelfie campaign. This is a quick, fun and easy way to get involved by simply wearing blue lips to show support and help increase the awareness of mouth cancer. 

Full details of #BlueLipSelfie can be found at where you can upload your photos to our gallery.

Additional campaign information can be found at where you can download the new Mouth Cancer Action Month 2017 campaign guide. Various products, such as blue lipstick, ribbons, and balloons which you can help use to make your events a success, are available from the shop on the official MCAM website here

Please do get involved this month in whatever way you can and help us to raise awareness for Mouth Cancer Action Month. 

*Source: Oral Health Foundation