The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation

Posted by Simplyhealth Professionals on 17/11/2017
Head and Neck Cancer Foundation

The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation

During Mouth Cancer Action Month 2017, Simplyhealth Professionals will be highlighting some of the work and clinical developments that the Head and Neck Cancer Foundation is championing.

The HNCF was set up to tackle three main objectives:

• To minimise the impact of cancer surgery so that patients can maintain a quality of life and integrate more easily into their communities.

• Increase awareness around early detection, prevention and self-examination of mouth cancer

• Raise awareness and provide training within the medical profession the sentinel node biopsy technology, established by Professor Mark McGurk, to show that there is a choice in how to treat head and neck cancer.

This relatively new charity is led by Professor Mark McGurk, a world-renowned surgeon at the forefront of his field with decades of experience in treating patients. 

Mark is leading the introduction of the sentinel node biopsy technique, approved by NICE and which is ‘standard’ in breast cancer treatment, into all cancer units in the UK. Since so many cancer treatments are still based on surgery, head and neck cancer stands out because the evidence of surgery is hard to hide and the results of treatment are very visible. Sentinel node biopsy is an effective method to achieve more accurate diagnosis and minimise invasive surgery.

Dr Henry Clover, Director of Dental Policy at Simplyhealth Professionals said: “It is incredibly important that for us, as dental professionals, we understand how this technique can be used to accurately diagnose mouth cancer in patients. It will then allow us to talk to patients about the treatment choices that can be available to them as a result.”

In the forthcoming issue of Insight magazine (November) we will have a detailed article focusing on the application of sentinel node biopsy technique in the treatment of mouth cancer, as well as a patient case study in how the technology and treatment has successfully been applied.

Nikki Oliver is a Patient Ambassador for the Head and Neck Cancer Foundation. Read Nikki’s full story of how devastating this disease on our blog.

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