Roger Matthews

GDPR - Not a Gimmick!

Roger Matthews, who prepared the Simplyhealth Professionals guide to GDPR in 2018, sounds a warning note to dentists. One year on from the passing of the Data Protection Act 2018, incorporating the EU’s GDPR, some may be wondering whether - like the “Millennium Bug” - it was all just a scare story. Not so. The Data Protection Network (DPN - - a free online resource centre) points out that 25 May 2018 was not just a hoax, but an extensive and much-needed update, backed by some serious sanctions.
Roger Matthews

A tax on dentistry - Tina or Dora?

It’s hardly surprising that there has been widespread criticism of the recent hikes in NHS patient charges for dentistry in England: rightly called “a tax on dentistry” by the BDA. In the past four years those fees have increased by nearly 22% (cumulative) when inflation has been just 9% over the same period.
Helen Neville - Academy Trainer

Seeing it from both sides

Helen Neville has seen many things in dentistry over 20 years, first as a practice team member and now one of our experienced trainers. Helen shares her thoughts on the benefits of practice training in our constantly evolving profession