Roger Matthews

A tax on dentistry - Tina or Dora?

It’s hardly surprising that there has been widespread criticism of the recent hikes in NHS patient charges for dentistry in England: rightly called “a tax on dentistry” by the BDA. In the past four years those fees have increased by nearly 22% (cumulative) when inflation has been just 9% over the same period.
Roger Matthews

GDPR - Not a Gimmick!

Roger Matthews, who prepared the Simplyhealth Professionals guide to GDPR in 2018, sounds a warning note to dentists. One year on from the passing of the Data Protection Act 2018, incorporating the EU’s GDPR, some may be wondering whether - like the “Millennium Bug” - it was all just a scare story. Not so. The Data Protection Network (DPN - - a free online resource centre) points out that 25 May 2018 was not just a hoax, but an extensive and much-needed update, backed by some serious sanctions.
Roger Matthews

GDPR 6 months on

Join Roger Matthews taking a look back at one of the big issues of the day for dentistry in 2018. We’re now six months on from ‘GDPR Day’, after which, allegedly, dentists could no longer communicate with their patients and we’d all stop getting those spam e-mails. Hmm, the power of mythology, eh?

GDPR Blogs Errata

Dr Roger Matthews updates his recent series of three GDPR blogs with all the latest information available.