A Challenging Extraction – Dentistry and Leaving the EU

What will our future relationship with the EU will look like and how that will impact our profession?

The Beauty of Unstructured Time - Catherine Rutland, Clinical Director

Catherine Rutland reflects on unstructured time as we reach the festive period.

The 'B' word... part 2 - preparations and guidance

Join Catherine Rutland for her second blog on preparations for Brexit

The 'B' Word...

Catherine Rutland, outlines some considerations and guidance for dental practices in preparation for Brexit in her latest two part blog.
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Boom in adult orthodontics: Is your practice ready to make the most of this opportunity?

In a recent British Orthodontic Society Survey 75% of orthodontists are now reporting seeing an increase in adult patients seeking private treatment. Chris Mackenzie, Product and Digital Strategy manager examines the opportunity available to dental practices with this change in consumer trends
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Becoming an Academy Trainer

Join Debbie King-Thomas as she explains why she became a trainer, working with our member dental practices to help them achieve their practice goals
Ewa Rozwadowska

Children’s dentistry in practice – the next generation

The promise of high earnings from specialisms such as implants, facial aesthetics and social orthodontics, can easily lure dentists away from considering less popular aspects such as children’s dentistry. However, by using the latest technologies and developing team-led preventive pathways in our practices, we have the possibility of leaving a legacy of enthusiastic dental professionals and great oral health for our under 18 patients.
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Finding the right practice

Taking the huge step of looking to purchase a dental practice is daunting as it may well be the biggest investment you make, so it has to be the right investment. Jenny Notley shares some advice to help make finding a practice that suits you on every level that little bit easier.
Roger Matthews

A tax on dentistry - Tina or Dora?

It’s hardly surprising that there has been widespread criticism of the recent hikes in NHS patient charges for dentistry in England: rightly called “a tax on dentistry” by the BDA. In the past four years those fees have increased by nearly 22% (cumulative) when inflation has been just 9% over the same period.
Roger Matthews

GDPR - Not a Gimmick!

Roger Matthews, who prepared the Simplyhealth Professionals guide to GDPR in 2018, sounds a warning note to dentists. One year on from the passing of the Data Protection Act 2018, incorporating the EU’s GDPR, some may be wondering whether - like the “Millennium Bug” - it was all just a scare story. Not so. The Data Protection Network (DPN - - a free online resource centre) points out that 25 May 2018 was not just a hoax, but an extensive and much-needed update, backed by some serious sanctions.