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Helen Neville - Academy Trainer

Seeing it from both sides

Helen Neville has seen many things in dentistry over 20 years, first as a practice team member and now one of our experienced trainers. Helen shares her thoughts on the benefits of practice training in our constantly evolving profession

Variety is the Spice of Life!

No two days in this job are ever the same, for Jane Maylor of the Academy thats certainly true. Meeting a variety of clients and delivering an engaging and broad mix of training proves that variety is the spice of life!
Natasha Fisher - Academy Trainer

Health and safety in dental practices

In the risk-obsessed world that we live in health and safety plays a massive part in what we can or we can’t do, either at work or the businesses we visit. All dental practices need to secure the health and safety and welfare of their staff and patients who visit them, so that they are protected from any risks to their health and safety. Natash Fisher explores the issues in her blog this month.

Selling your dental practice

If you own a practice, you’ve probably always expected to sell it one day. However, as Business Development Consultant Julie Leddy outlines, sometimes reality is more complicated than we expect. Julie shares her experience from working with many practices to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Thinking about retiring from dentistry?

If you’re a dentist thinking about retiring, you’ll already have a good idea of the challenges unique to someone looking to hang-up their drill. You might find the sheer amount of things to consider a little daunting, but don’t worry. With the right amount of time and planning, the closing chapters of your career can be some of your most fulfilling.

Retirement planning: Intentions vs Reality

You’ll already have an image of your ideal retirement. Unfortunately, sometimes life has different plans and you may need to do some re-thinking. Here’s some practical advice to help avoid common pitfalls, and get you to the retirement you deserve.
Chris Mackenzie

Maximising the value of your practice

Preparing for the sale of your practice can be one of the biggest decisions of your career. This month we discuss three of the big questions you need to consider when preparing to get the best valuation for your practice
Lords Mascot BFL

Boundaries for Life - its not just about the cricket!

Simplyhealth Professionals is gearing up for a third season of support for Boundaries For Life at cricket matches across the UK. Founded in 2010 by Dr Chet Trivedy, a dual-qualified dentist and doctor, Boundaries for Life offers free health checks for spectators and ground staff at major cricket fixtures throughout the UK. Sponsored by Simplyhealth Professionals, the project is made possible through a team of volunteer health professionals who check for signs and risks of health issues including blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, heart age and obesity.
denplan academy meet tailor made training

Managing Mental Health at Work

Taking time out from the daily 9-5 to attend training can often be a challenge when we are under pressure from deadlines, so when you do attend a course that really delivers, it can feel like such a good investment.
 two dentist chairs in window

Understand your risks: Vicarious Liability in Dentistry

As a dental practice owner, you may be unaware of the legal risks to your business. In this increasingly litigious society, it’s important to understand what you are liable for, and how to mitigate the threats to your practice. MIAB’s Director, Tristan Lennox-Gentle, explains specific exposures, and the steps to ensure you’re effectively protected.