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Providing our dentists with the support you need to develop or grow your practice is what we do best.

We offer a variety of business, marketing and dental regulation support services to help you grow patient numbers, promote your practice, plan for the future of the business and more.

As a member, you will have a dedicated Consultant to be your first point of contact and you can also appoint a Denplan Champion help bring more patients to your practice.

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Please note, as of February 2017, Denplan has rebranded as Simplyhealth Professionals. References made in these case studies therefore now relate to Simplyhealth Professionals, and our Denplan payment plan products. 

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Supporting you and your practice.

Consultant Support

“At one of my Consultant’s routine visits he produced a Denplan programme that illustrated the relative income between my Denplan patients and my fee-per-item patients. At that point I had been somewhat unaware of the exact position but had my own notion of how things stood.

The programme showed that my assumptions had been inaccurate and so I took the analysis further by devising my own simple spreadsheet. Something that became apparent with both exercises was that providing dental care under Denplan was more efficient and produced a clear increase in hourly rate. One should not underestimate time lost by failed to attends, cancellations, tea breaks, illness, courses, staff meetings etc. It all adds up and, of course, under Denplan, the income stream does not stop. I have now adjusted the fee-per-item hourly rate to compensate and equate real income from both categories. The results were pretty clear within a month as shown on my bank statement.”

Jan Smerke, member dentist

Practice Marketing

image of mark“We have around 3,000 Denplan patients, a small NHS contingent accounting for about a quarter of the business and a few fee-per-item patients. We try to keep the PFPI patients to a minimum though, as we think that getting them on a payment plan not only helps us with our regular income but is great for the patients, as they don’t have to worry about large bills, which can be a major barrier to accepting optimal treatment plans.

We looked into how efficiently we were working and made a number of cut backs and money saving measures, but the bulk of this huge increase in our expenses was only feasibly going to come from one place – our private patients. We wanted to make sure that any rise in costs was both justified and necessary, so we spoke with our Denplan Consultant. She went over the figures with us and confirmed that we were looking at potentially having to raise our fees by up to 8%–which is a lot by anyone’s standards.

We were really worried about retention if we went ahead with this increase, so our Consultant put us in touch with the Denplan marketing department who helped us with some marketing literature to soften the blow for our existing patients.

We were really pleased with the newsletter, so we decided to look into producing a more personalised letter to our Denplan patients when the time came to raise the fees. It gave us a good opportunity to explain why the costs were going up and it worked really well on the back of the newsletter content. Usually when costs go up we get a few disgruntled patients coming in complaining that Denplan had raised their fees again.

This letter allowed us to take responsibility for our prices and offered a more personal touch, which was much better and we certainly had far fewer calls than expected. And we didn’t have to write too much ourselves as it was all taken care of for us.

We asked for new patient referral cards which we call our ‘Golden Tickets’ as I gave them out myself to certain patients at their visits, rather than just having them available to anyone on reception. We wanted to encourage like-minded patients to join, so we were quite choosy about who got one!

I am pretty sure that our marketing and referral cards have helped our practice remain in good financial health, leaving us free to concentrate on caring for our patients.

To get so much marketing support for free as part of our payment plan membership was the icing on the cake. I trusted Denplan 100% to do it as they really understand dentistry and the needs of our practice. This kind of thing would have cost us thousands if we had hired someone in to do it, so I think the support we were given was phenomenal. I was more than happy to take the advice from trained marketing experts–as it let me get on with what I am trained to do–dentistry!”

Mark Doyle Co Principal at Collins House Dental Surgery, Hereford

Denplan Champions

Why it’s great to be a Denplan Champion

“Being a Denplan Champion is now more exciting than ever! It’s great to be given the opportunities and support needed to help our practice grow, and my whole practice team really enjoying taking part in the Champions’ Programme this year. We hit an all time record in November, recruiting 64 new Denplan patients in a month. The ways in which we achieved this are as follows;

image of JessKeep the information simple – nobody likes jibber jabber!

  • There needs to be a smooth transition from one member of the dental team to another so that the patients’ experience is seamless
  • ‘Talk to Everyone’ Give every patient the opportunity to become part of Denplan, and make sure they know the benefits
  • Enjoy the ‘buzz’ when you get a signature on that pink form and set monthly targets

As a Denplan Champion it’s great to know that you play a part in such a successful business that will continue to grow. However you must believe in the product and your practice to see the numbers changing.“

Jess from Rhiwbina Dental in Cardiff

image of kathryn"Since becoming a Denplan Champion in 2012, I’ve realised how important this role is in our practice, helping to recruit new patients and sharing ideas and knowledge with the rest of the team. Being a Denplan Champion has helped me to promote our practice in different ways, for example setting up a Facebook page, and sending a quarterly eNewsletter.

I’m really excited to be part of the Denplan Champions’ Challenge 2014, and hope to continue to sign up as many patients to Denplan as possible. I’m also aiming to run more offers for our current patients, helping to increase their loyalty to the practice.”

Denplan Champion Kathryn Manley, Church Street Dental Practice, Purton

Patient Growth

“I just wanted to say how thrilled we have been with our new patient enrolments this month; we have signed up 36 patients–which is fabulous!

I would like to thank Denplan for the promotion they have put on for both our patients and the practice team; it has made such a difference. The team’s enthusiasm has been extraordinary and it has proved what a difference an incentive can make.

Our fee-per-item patients, who have on many occasions been given information about Denplan, have now signed up without hesitation. It’s been amazing! Every member of the team has played a part so I am delighted that they will all be getting a Gourmet card as a reward. And even the dentists are excited about it!

It has proved to us all that if every member of the team puts their heart and soul into something and works together, we can fly! As a result, it has confirmed that the decision from the partners to give a Denplan growth bonus will hopefully be a good one and get results! 

As always, thanks for all your support and encouragement.”

Ingrid Hughes, Practice Manager, Aigburth Dental Practice

Re-energising our Denplan promotion...

"We’ve been promoting Denplan Essentials for the past two years but more recently our Denplan patient conversion numbers had started to slow down to some degree, and we were attracting less than 30 new patients a month. We have a large private patient base of over 8,000 patients so we recognised there was a lot of potential to do more in terms of increasing our Denplan patients. Back in March I met with my friendly and reliable Denplan consultant Debbie to ask her advice about what we could do to re-energise our promotion of Denplan within the practice. 

Debbie helped us identify that part of the problem was that we were only talking to patients about Denplan as they were leaving the surgery, which in hindsight is not always the ideal time to capture patient’s attention. With Debbie’s help we decided to draft two letters, one for new patients to the practice and another for existing patients. These letters would be signed by the practice manager and given to patients on arrival for their examination appointment so that they could read them whilst waiting to see their dentist. The letters explained that they were missing out on the many benefits of Denplan membership, highlighted how patients could save money on their dental treatment costs while also benefitting from the supplementary insurance cover. We also offered further treatment discounts as an added incentive and discounts if multiple family members signed up. 

Each day I drew up a list of patients that had scheduled examination appointments and letters were printed out ready to give to the patients on arrival at the practice. Immediately we noticed a significant turnaround with the number of new Denplan patients, one hundred and twenty in the first month - a 400% increase!

First class support ...

As a final word, I would add that the support we get from Denplan is excellent, our Consultant Debbie is always willing to help and she has provided individual training for the practice as well as central training with other practices. The Practice Support Team at Denplan always responds very quickly when we contact them and are pleasant, helpful and efficient."

William Benson, Practice Manager and Denplan Champion at Herlington Dental Surgery