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We're more than just a dental payment plan provider. 

We understand the importance of education and communication when encouraging patients to maintain good oral health, which is why we introduced the Denplan PreViser Patient Assessment (DEPPA) - our innovative patient assessment tool.

We also understand that time is precious so we’ve made it even easier for new patients to join your practice by signing up directly online with Essentials Direct.

We can even offer you financial support when your waiting room needs a make over with our Evolve loans. 

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Please note, as of February 2017, Denplan has rebranded as Simplyhealth Professionals. References made in these case studies therefore now relate to Simplyhealth Professionals, and our Denplan payment plan products. 

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DEPPA - Denplan PreViser Patient Assessment

image of peter redfern“Initially we had a few problems with the logistics of DEPPA, mainly due to the printing, scanning and saving of the results. These problems were settled relatively easily. After a few days this becomes just routine and flows fluently.”

Why we use DEPPA

“So firstly, we decided to add an extra 5 minutes to our routine recall examination appointment.

The print out provides a useful talking point with the patients. Most of them seem genuinely interested and couples seem to enjoy comparing results. You get the occasional sceptical one who asked what they are supposed to do with it but you always get those!

The periodontal risk when it is demonstrated as high seems to be more effective at getting through to the patients than just me telling them and our sales of Tepes has increased and the oral cancer risk bring it home to them that even drinking small quantities is not without risk.

I charge my Fee Per Item patients £5 on top of the examination fee to provide the risk assessment. We feel that it insures that the patient is fully informed about their dental health and that nothing has been overlooked and they have written proof of it. This I am sure reduces our risk as professionals.

I would be surprised to find that any Excel practitioners could be reticent about using this service, we certainly just accept it now as routine."

How we use DEPPA

“When the patient arrives they are given a printout of the patient questionnaire to complete in the waiting room. They bring that into the surgery with their updated medical history and signed consent form.

My nurse then puts this data onto a tablet while I have good look round the mouth. We then input the clinical data and complete the assessment. This is then printed and I go through the results and explain them to the patient and give them the copy. While I am doing this my nurse scans the 3rd page data sheet onto the
computer and saves it in the patient record area in Examine Pro.

On the odd occasion that things get too hectic the patient’s questionnaire is put in the patient’s records for their next visit. The DEPPA assessment is recorded in the notes when it is done.

The Windows computer that I bought with a detachable touch screen cost £329 inc vat from John Lewis which is cheaper than an iPad. The Network/Air Printer with addition ink cartridges to print 2000 pages of colour print cost £287 inc VAT but this was a useful addition to the hardware as it will print from all the computers and mobile phones in the place and its all tax deductable.”

Dr Peter Redfern, member dentist

Essentials Direct

“It was our Denplan Consultant who first suggested we set up Denplan Essentials Direct. We have been using it for some time now. It was very straightforward to start up and has been used by many of our patients to register with us.

Our time-starved patients find signing up online much more convenient than having to come into the practice to do all the paperwork. And it saves our very busy practice a lot of time!

The process is so simple - as soon as a patient signs up online we get an email from Denplan with all their details. We then contact the patient to arrange their initial examination.It couldn’t be easier.

At our practice we offer our patients on Denplan Essentials two examinations and two hygienist visits per year as well as 10% discount off their private treatment fees.”

Sarah, Practice Manager

Evolve Loans

“I heard about the Denplan Evolve Loan from my Denplan Consultant, who knew I was investing in completely refurbishing the single surgery dental practice which I had recently purchased. I had already approached my bank but they wanted a lot of paperwork in order to process the additional funding, and my Consultant assured me that the Evolve loan would be easy to set up instead. This proved to be the case as she did a short survey and quickly provided me with all the information I needed. There was very minimal paperwork to complete and the loan was organised without any problems. I chose to make repayments over a period which suited my cashflow forecast, and was pleasantly surprised by the low interest rate offered.

I would not have been able to complete the renovation without the loan from Denplan.

As with all projects, the costs were higher than anticipated due to unforeseen circumstances and having only just negotiated my initial loan for the purchase of the practice, the bank were not keen to lend me any further funds. I had been trying to save the profits from my first few months of trading but making the practice completely computerised, and website set-up fees had made a large dent into the profit “pot”.

Now that the refurbishment is complete the patients and staff love the new surroundings and work environment and we are getting fantastic feedback on the whole project. We are gaining new patients all the time and we have seen our Denplan numbers steadily increase since the work was finished at the end of last year. We are still doing the final touches but the difference is quite phenomenal! The whole practice team seem to have found a new level of positive energy since the refurbishment, and the place is buzzing with enthusiasm!

The practice was in desperate need of a makeover, and would not have passed a CQC inspection in its previous state. I knew the surgery and decontamination room would need a complete overhaul, and it seemed like a good opportunity to revamp the rest of the premises, which was also looking rather tired and unloved. Overall I was delighted with the service I received from the Denplan team, and the practice is now looking forward to an exciting year ahead.”

Laurie Carlson-Hedges, Ravenshead Dental