Our innovative patient assessment tool - available to all our member dentists.

Denplan Previser Patient Assessment (DEPPA) is the only evidence-based, online individual risk assessment tool to help patients understand their current oral health and future disease risk. With over 85,000 adults having benefited from DEPPA already, we’ve now added Young DEPPA to engage and motivate younger patients and their parents/carers.

DEPPA and Young DEPPA are available free of charge to all Denplan Excel certified member dentists. Non-Excel certified member dentists can also benefit for just £100 per month (inc VAT) for up to two dentists in a practice or for £150 per month for three or four dentists.                       

Both provide an instantaneous online report showing the patient’s Oral Health Score (OHS) alongside a detailed, evidence based assessment of their future risk for caries, periodontal disease, tooth surface loss and oral cancer.

Some of the benefits of DEPPA and Young DEPPA

  • Provides a contemporary protocol for full patient assessment
  • Includes oral health status scoring to measure clinical outcomes
  • Includes annual benchmarked reports to support clinical audit
  • The colour coded risk assessment and for children, colour coded faces, supports communication, engagement and motivation of patients, parents and children
  • Clinical audit is supported by DEPPA
  • Supports you in maintaining effective pricing (includes indicative Denplan payment plan fee category at each assessment)

To add to you current benefits, purchase or arrange a FREE TRIAL, call the Practice Support Team on 0800 3283223

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