Denplan PreViser Patient Assessment (DEPPA)

Our innovative patient assessment tool - exclusive to members

Denplan PreViser Patient Assessment (DEPPA) is an evidence-based, online personal risk assessment tool. Designed to help patients understand their current oral health and future risk.


Over 100,000 adults have benefited from DEPPA and Young DEPPA. 


Young DEPPA engages and motivates younger patients and their parents/carers. Currently, Young DEPPA is free* for member dentists to use. 


DEPPA is free to Denplan Excel dentists as part of their certification.

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Non-Excel certified member dentists can get DEPPA for £100 per month (inc VAT), covering up to two dentists in a practice. Or £150 per month for three or four dentists.


DEPPA and Young DEPPA provides an instant online report showing a patient’s Oral Health Score (OHS). This includes a detailed, evidence based assessment of their future risk. Such as risk of caries, periodontal disease, tooth surface loss and oral cancer.

Patient report example

The benefits of DEPPA and Young DEPPA


Provides a contemporary protocol for full patient assessment.


Includes oral health status scoring to measure clinical outcomes.


Receive annual benchmarked reports to support clinical audit.


Colour coded risk assessment supports communication, engagement and motivation of patients.


DEPPA supports clinical audits.


Supports you in maintaining effective pricing, including indicative Denplan fee category at each assessment.

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What dentists think of DEPPA


“It’s proving very popular with my patients. An unexpected benefit has been treatment uptake by fee per item patients who have undergone the DEPPA assessment. I’m sure DEPPA is going to increase revenue at the practice.” Dr S A Clavell-Bate


“DEPPA provides a sleek and elegant solution to some of the needs within general dental practice - without cumbersome paperwork or ‘clunky’ outdated and underdeveloped software. Patients have been very appreciative of the approach and it’s opened dialogue in ways none of us had expected.” Dr M Colwell


"What I really like about the DEPPA is that it brings the three elements of RISK, Oral Health Score and Denplan category all together." Steve, Denplan Excel dentist 


"It is all going well and we have managed to complete a DEPPA within the 15 minutes allocated to a routine examination, with good feedback from our patients. We have also managed to import the PDF reports into our Exact dental software in the 'contacts' section so that they are saved to the patients record and can be viewed or reprinted in chronological order at any time in the future or for audit/CQC/practice inspection." Neil, Denplan Excel dentist 


"I find it very comforting to use a series of information to collate an evidence based report on risk and then make recommendations based on this rather than just using 'gut feeling'. I have completed my first 10-20 examinations with it and am already finding patients where I have missed that they are high caries/perio risk and have altered fluoride/hygiene/x-ray intervals accordingly and it is proving very popular with my patients." Simon, Denplan Excel dentist

What patients think of DEPPA


"I am entirely satisfied with the service I receive from my dentist. It is very reassuring to know that he has carried out such a detailed assessment and made me fully aware of my dental health and any preventative action that could be taken for the future." Felicity, Denplan Excel patient 


"I feel very confident that the DEPPA process is extremely important in keeping a close guard on my oral health. It is not only a necessary process but a convenient one too as it's done during a routine visit." Heather, Denplan Excel patient


“At my check-up this morning my dentist assessed my oral health with the new online tool, DEPPA. There were a lot of questions to answer but once we had finished the report came up really quickly. I found it very well worded so that anybody would be able to read and understand it. The visuals of the red and green were really good and helped me understand the condition my teeth were in and what I needed to do to maintain them. It was nice to know that this is provided for Denplan patients and it gives us a clear idea of what we can do to help ourselves keep dentally fit. I also found it helped me chat with my dentist about my oral health. I think it would be ideal for people who find it uncomfortable talking with their dentists (especially if their teeth weren’t that good). I am pretty good at looking after my teeth but I have the report and will be able to refer to it now and again just to remind myself!” Joanna, Denplan patient


"I found this a delightful experience and it will really help keep me on track with my dental health in-between visits to the dentist and hygienist." Catherine, Denplan Excel patient 


"My dentist was very professional and explained things clearly to me. The DEPPA literature I received helped me understand how to best look after my teeth." Angela, Denplan Excel patient 


"Made me think more about my teeth!" Jerry, Denplan Excel patient