Associate Day

This event is tailored for Associates within general practice.

This day includes:

  • Patient Communication & Ethical Selling
  • Patient Consent & Treatment Planning
  • Open forum for Q&A
  • Buffet and networking

There’ll be the opportunity to network with both the Simplyhealth Professionals Team and other associates.

Join us from 1.45pm for an interesting and interactive afternoon of learning.  this will then be followed by a buffet and networking opportunity from 5pm. 

Associate Day

Associate Day


1:45pm to 5:00pm followed by buffet

CPD hours

3 hours 

Dr Catherine Rutland - Patient Consent and Treatment Planning

As Head of Professional Support Services at Simplyhealth Professionals, Dr Catherine Rutland leads the team that provides assistance to member dentists; helping to support them with all aspects of running their practices successfully, with particular focus on providing advice and support during clinical disputes and times of professional risk.


To understand the importance of consent and how to demonstrate you’ve gained consent lawfully. Including consent with younger patients and adults with reduced capacity. To consider how treatment planning fits in with consent.


  • Understanding the importance of consent and acting lawfully 
  • Looking at the two or more stages of consent 
  • Appreciating how all team members are involved in the consent process 
  • Gaining knowledge of the consent process for Under 16’s, 16 and 17 year olds and adults with reduced capacity including the Mental Capacity Act 2005 
  • Understanding how to put a treatment plan together to reflect the options discussed and backs up the patients choices and expectations
Anticipated outcomes

By the end of the module, participants will:

  • Have gained more confidence in being able to gain informed consent 
  • Greater knowledge of the process of gaining consent for those with reduced capacity 
  • Know how treatment plans fit into the patients experience and understanding of the treatment they are about to have

GDC development outcomes – A, B, C

Natasha Fisher - Patient Communication and Ethical Selling

Natasha started working for the company in 2015 in sales and customer service. She became a coach for the dental customer service team before joining the Academy in 2016.

Her experience both with Simplyhealth and in her previous roles help her with all elements of her training role. Natasha particularly enjoys meeting lots of different people as a trainer and understanding the differences between each dental practice she visits. Her favourite area of training is marketing and social media as she enjoys the excitement of practices planning for their future.


To learn how you can use different sales and communication techniques to engage patients and increase sales of products and services


  • Identifying what you want to sell more of
  • Assessing your product knowledge
  • Ensuring you have rapport with patients through communication before you sell to them
  • Identifying what is important to patients by asking them powerful questions – Establish their needs
  • Understanding that once you know what’s important to them you can sell in the benefits
  • Checking understanding, being ethical and closing the sell
  • Looking at where your opportunities to sell are
Anticipated outcomes

By the end of the module, participants will:

  • Have a greater appreciation of the importance of being ethical when selling in dentistry
  • Have more confidence in promoting the practice products and services to their patients in a way that they and their patients feel comfortable

GDC development outcomes – A, B, C, D

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