Tailor-made Training

Our Tailor-made Training offers you the opportunity to create a training day to meet your specific practice needs.

We strongly recommend that you discuss your training needs with your consultant and with one of our experienced trainers to ensure that the day delivers the balance of modules that are right for you.

How to book your day:

  • Our Tailor-made Training encompasses seven subject areas with a wide choice of modules within these. Choose 2-3 modules for your training day. You can mix and match modules from different subject areas
  • Contact us to arrange a date
  • One of our trainers will contact you to discuss your requirements, making sure your day is tailored exactly to you and your practice team's needs

Even if you've previously had a training day with us, we always recommend that you discuss your requirements with a Simplyhealth Professionals Academy Trainer, as the range of materials, exercises and approaches our trainers have is always developing, and they can advise you on what would be best for your practice.

Cost of training (excluding VAT)

Number of Denplan patients registered at the practice Cost per practice
 0 -99    £680 
 100 - 499  25% discount  £510
 500 - 999  50 % discount   £340
 1000 - 1999  1 Free TMT plus 50% off your next TMT  £340
 2000 +  2 Free TMTs plus 50% off your next TMT

Please note: there is also an additional administration charge if you select the SDI module of £25 per person.
tailor-made training

Training is available in subjects the GDC recommends

Timings: 10am - 4pm 

CPD Hours: 5

Email us about Tailor made training

Choosing modules for your training day

We offer a number of different subjects and modules within these so you can design a training day that's tailored to your team.

Take a look at the subject areas below - you can choose 2-3 modules for your training day which can be a mix and match from different subjects.


Modules available:

Ethical Sales Skills
Learn how the whole team can use different sales techniques to engage your patients and increase your sales of products and services.

Increasing Treatment Acceptance
Examine how you present, explain and advise patients on their treatment plans and how you can implement strategies to increase your acceptance rates.

Utilising a Care Co-ordinator
Develop a strategy that suits your practice whether this involves nominated personnel or all members of the team; learn how utilising a care co-ordinator with your patients can increase your sales and improve your customer service.

Breathe Life into Your Plans Offer
Look at specific marketing and sales strategies to help you sell your plans to your patients. Explore simple ways to explain the plans, promote the benefits and increase your sign up rate. 

Denplan Champion
Having a Denplan Champion in your practice can provide a key contact point and focus within the team.  Learn how the role of a Denplan Champion can work in your practice and key sales skills to help to recruit and retain patients to your plans.

Working as a team to ensure the patient care is just right to keep your patients on board and ways to talk about the benefits should they ask to cancel.

Getting Confident with Sales 
Build confidence within the team in how to sell ethically and in line with the GDC standards. Review your current processes and learn new techniques to improve your approach.


Modules available:

Creating a Strong Brand
Learn why it’s important to have a strong brand for your practice, how you can create this as a team and how you can utilise it in all of your practice communications.

Creating Effective Campaigns and Utilising PR
Get the whole team involved in creating a marketing plan with campaigns utilising PR for the year ahead and learn the important steps to ensure your campaigns are a success.

Getting the Most from Your Website
Ensure that you are fully utilising your website by looking at the content, structure and ease of use for your patients.  If you don’t already have a website look at how you can plan your content with involvement from the whole team.

Introduction to Social Media
Focusing on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube explore how these forms of social media can be used as an effective tool for promoting your practice to new and existing patients.

Marketing to Attract Patients
Find out ways of marketing your practice to attract new patients using all forms of promotion and how to measure their impact.

Marketing to Retain Patients
Look at ways to add value and inform your existing patients of your services to enhance your loyalty and retain your patients. 

Customer Care

Modules available:

Profitable Customer Care
Look at your patient’s purchasing patterns and following criteria recommended by the Institute of Customer Service develop a customer care approach that generates profitability in your practice.

Refining the Private Patient Experience
Examine the patient journey within your practice, review your current processes and develop new ideas to enhance your patient’s experience with you.

Customer Care for your Younger Patients
Explore the ways to communicate messages and how to develop care initiatives within the practice to engage and educate your younger patients.

Creating an Award Winning Practice
Learn from the examples of award winning practices what made them winners.  Look at what criteria you need to meet and how to develop strategies to achieve success.  Whether you want to enter a specific award or wish to improve your team and patient care approach you will create action plans to move your practice forward. This can also include an overview of Investors in People for those looking to achieve this accreditation. 

Customer Care Matters
Look at your patient’s experience whilst in your practice and how some other companies aim to ensure the best outcome possible for their customers. Create an action plan to take forward so the whole team is consistent in their approach. 

New ~ Dentistry and Patients with Additional Needs

A team approach of identifying the needs of patients who have disabilities that have an impact on oral health and how best to support them, to achieve optimal oral health.

New ~ Relationship between Lifestyle and Oral Health

Examining a range of lifestyle influence, this module looks at the impact they can have on patients oral health. Identify how problems, influences, attitudes and trends through all life stages can impact patients and what you as a team can do to promote health living and improve oral health.


Modules available:

Improving Communication Skills
Looking at all forms of communication including written, verbal and body language refine your approach to ensure your team are utilising these skills.

Managing Difficult Conversations
Examine why conflict can occur and how to deliver difficult messages with assertiveness and confidence to achieve positive outcomes.

Telephone Tactics
Create call standards, review how you handle new patient enquiries and learn how to overcome barriers when communicating on the phone.

Refining Communication within the Practice
Review how you communicate as a team from how you structure meetings, give feedback and deal with the demands of day to day communication in a busy practice.  Develop strategies to refine your communication to support the whole team.

Supporting People in Behaviour Change 
Learn a series of techniques from the discipline of ‘Motivational Interviewing’.  Designed to strengthen an individual’s motivation to change and discover how you can use these with your patients to motivate them to act on your oral health messages.

Communicating Health – Creating Value
Examine how you communicate health messages to patients to allow them to understand the content and value of their examination, hygiene visits and routine treatments.  As a team look at how you communicate these messages in ways that help build understanding and create value for your patients.

Receiving and Giving Feedback
To identify the important role of feedback for development and understanding why we may have adverse reactions when receiving it.  Explore ways to receive feedback gracefully and to give feedback effectively.

Autism and the Dental Team

This short module will allow you to consider aspects of Autism including the different types across the Spectrum. Learn about communication tools you can use in practice to help you support Autistic patients in their appointments with you.

New ~ Making your Practice Mental Health friendly

To recognise and appreciate the impact of mental illness on general health, lifestyles and oral health of patients and colleagues. To identify how you can offer understanding and support to create better outcomes. 


Modules available:

Team Planning
Take time as a team to consider your current challenges and those that lie ahead. Create shared goals for the future using team planning techniques to ensure that you have agreed the action points, resources and timeframes to make them happen.

Increasing Team Engagement
From working with different personalities, staying motivated, dealing with conflict and of course having fun at work look at ways to increase and enhance your team engagement in practice.

Achieving Your Practice Potential
Explore how the team can approach the 5 C’s to create ‘Happiness at Work’ – with a focus on Culture, Conviction, Commitment, Contribution and Confidence – find out how you can build a stronger approach to enhance your team.

Team Audit
Take the opportunity to carry out an internal audit and analysis of your processes as a team by reviewing and challenging your internal processes to highlight areas for improvement and change.

Stress Management Techniques with Mindfulness
Look at how the daily pressures of life mean that we are constantly wired to activity. Understand as a team how this can cause stress and how in the long term this can be harmful. You will learn techniques to help you and deal with stress and this can also include an overview of the principles of Mindfulness.

Recommended CPD and Legislative Subjects

Modules available:

Legal and Ethical Issues and GDC Standards 
Ensure your team can identify and deal with professional, business and clinical risks and recognise the importance of their role in maintaining a strong legal and ethical approach.  This course also covers the GDC standards and how the team can demonstrate and apply them in practice.

Complaints Handling
Look at ways to manage patient complaints and review your procedures in line with GDC standards. Explore ways to gain regular patient feedback to provide ideas for change and minimise the risk of complaints.

GDPR and Confidentiality 
Using real life examples make sure all of the team fully understand the rules of confidentiality and data protection and how to approach these on a day to day basis.

Mouth Cancer a Team Approach
Learn as a team how you can raise patient’s awareness of the risk factors for Oral Cancer.  As a team learn about the signs and symptoms of oral cancer and how you can adopt a team approach to educate patients about the risk factors and prevention.

Safeguarding Children and Adults – Levels 1 and 2
For those who have contact with children and adults, to learn how to recognise the signs of abuse and neglect within these groups, draw up policies, oversee compliance, make decisions on referrals and collaborate with other agencies.
This module takes 3 hours according to Intercollegiate Guidelines, and so if chosen, it would be best to consider one other topic for your day.

Equality and Diversity 
Ensure the whole team understand the Equality Act and look at how to assist patients from different cultural backgrounds and those with varied disabilities.  Review your team policies and create an action plan to take forward.

Smoking Cessation
Based on the Department of Health’s guidelines create team based approach to helping patients quit smoking. 

Preparing for your CQC Inspection (England only)
To examine the process of a CQC inspection and what elements are included in the 5 fundamental standards of care. The team will consider what evidence they need to compile and consider how to respond to questions that may be asked during the inspection. 

Preparing for your HIW Inspection (Wales only)
To examine the process of a HIW inspection and what elements are included in the 4 fundamental standards of care.  The team will consider what evidence they need to compile and consider how to respond to questions that may be asked during the inspection.

Caring for Patients with Dementia
To raise your awareness of the five key things that everyone should know about dementia and how you can assist patients as well as people in your local community to live well with dementia. Gain a greater understanding of Lasting Power of Attorneys and the protocols for gaining consent.  The Denplan Academy trainers are all ‘Dementia Friends Champions’ trained by the Alzheimer’s Society to deliver the ‘Dementia Friends’ sessions

Patient Consent 
To understand the importance of consent and how to demonstrate you’ve gained consent lawfully. Including consent with younger patients and adults with reduced capacity.

Record Keeping
To understand the importance of keeping good and accurate records. Adopting a team approach where all team members are aware of their role and responsibility in record keeping to ensure patients receive safe and appropriate treatment. Participants will learn why keeping good records is one of the most important aspects of Risk management in practice and how they form an important part of the consent process

Conflict Resolution
Learn how to minimise the risk of conflict and how to apply conflict resolution techniques.  This training follows the Skills for Health UK Core Skills Training Framework, supported by the Health and Safety Executive and CQC 'Safe' Standard.

ECPD and Reflective Learning
Review the requirements of the GDC’s Enhanced Continuing Professional Development and how the team can approach and implement the guidelines of Plan, Do, Reflect, Record.

New ~ Health and Safety with Ergonomics
For the team to identify and reduce potential risks in the workplace. This module helps teams understand all aspects of Health and Safety including role and responsibilities, in order to provide a safe working environment for both patients and staff. Discover how beneficial incorporating dental ergonomics can be to preventing work-relates injuries in practice. 

New ~ Cross-infection Control - The Essentials of Decontamination for the Dental Team
To provide dental practices with an overview of why good cross-infection control and decontamination processes are necessary to provide a safe environment for patients and teams alike. Through hands –on exercises, real life examples and scenario’s, this course is designed to highlight the relevant protocols, policies and processes required within the dental profession and would act as a comprehensive refresher course for dental teams with existing knowledge. This module takes around 3 hours, and so if chosen, it would be best to consider one other topic for your day. Please note, there is a surcharge for this course of £100.

Business Processes

Modules available:

Managing Your Appointment Book
Examine the effectiveness of your appointment booking and develop strategies that work for your business, the team and your patients.

Construct an appraisal system or review what you currently work with to ensure it is effective.

Denplan Product Knowledge
Review the products you offer in practice and ensure the whole team are confident in explaining and promoting them to your new and existing patients.

Reception Processes
Look at the impact your reception has in making the right impression, consider all aspects from telephone manner, communication and opportunities to sell your services to your patients.

Managing Change in the Practice
Use modern change management techniques to plan ways to work together to ensure any changes you make run smoothly in your practice.

Practice Health check
As you regularly provide your patients with an oral health check this business module allows you as a team to take the opportunity to check the health of your current business and formulate plans for improvement and growth.

Future Proofing Your Practice
Looking at your practice as a whole from processes to customer care to ensure you are sustainable as a business and continue successfully into the future and beyond.

Denplan Supplementary Insurance
Understand how patients can benefit from this specific part of the plan. Team members will be reassured as to what constitutes as advice and how we can confidently explain this part of the plan to patients, helping them to see the benefits.

Practice Pit Stop                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Ensure your practice is continually evolving and reassess what value your practice offers from ‘The Team’, ‘Customer Care’ and ‘Marketing’ perspective.

SDI - Strength Deployment Inventory

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) is a powerful and effective tool for practice staff to understand and influence individual’s motives that drive behaviours. The SDI looks at people’s basic needs to better understand themselves and others and that understanding allows them to lead with clarity and empathy, build stronger teams and more effectively navigate conflict. The critical insights it provides enables leaders and team members to better understand how to influence people who think, behave, and communicate differently to themselves. 

The investment for this course is £25 per person to cover the cost of the online inventories and you will be able to spend a full day with one of the Certified Academy Trainers to better understand not only yourself but the team too.

Contact us to discuss your training needs further.  Ask your consultant about the Tailor-made questionnaire on our training app, which will help you develop a training plan for your practice team.