Steps to Success

Steps to Success is a full day course aimed at Goodwill Owners and Practice Managers.


To look at leadership within the dental practice and the factors required to build and maintain a successful business.


For the participants to have a greater understanding of the impact of leadership on the success of the practice and what makes an effective leader. Participants will have gained new ideas, insights and knowledge of further activities to use with the team back in practice to build on and share the skills developed during the course.

Your day will cover:

To focus on how to build a successful business through effective leadership in four key areas:

  • Developing meaningful mission statements and  inspirational vision statements which provide a common sense of purpose and shared goal for the whole team 
  • Having the right people in the right roles working to the same high standard
  • Creating an environment that allows the team to develop and thrive
  • Measuring and celebrating success

During the day the delegates will have the opportunity to explore key management skills, learn new techniques and have activities they can take back to practice to use with their teams.

Prices (excluding VAT):

Number of Denplan patients registered at the practice
 0 - 99   £70
 100 - 499 25% Discount £55
 500+ 50% Discount £40


Steps to Success

Suitable for: 

Goodwill Owners and Practice Managers 

CPD Hours: 

6 hours

Event Details:

10.00am - 4.00pm

Wednesday 19th June 2019

Dates & locations

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