What can i use a Flexible Payment Plan for in my practice?
You can use a flexible payment plan in your practice to increase your practice income or build up a private patient list. 

For example, if you have wondered about introducing new services to your practice like facial aesthetics. You could use the Flexible Payment Plan to make treatment more affordable  or convenient in your practice by setting regular patients up on a subscription payment. This means for future treatments you will have received payment in advance of the treatment date, and all the patient has to do is:

1) Make their regular plan payments
2) Attend their appointment
3) Book their next appointment at the practice.

Alternatively you can use flexible payment plans to spread the cost of defined treatment plans over a period of  3- 10 months. One of our member practices Harbour Dental has recently done this with their Orthodontic Plan using FPP for the plan administration and marketing collateral. Read their success story here.

How do i get started using FPP in my practice?

It's really simple, if you are an existing member, just call your Dental Business Consultant and they will arrange to set up your registration and training.  You will also have access to a range of marketing matierals on Simply Select -  your practice marketing platform to begin promoting your new services with literature featuring your practice branding.

If you ( or your practice) are not yet a member of Simplyhealth Professionals, just get in touch about joining, either click here  or by giving us a call on 0800 169 9962 and we'll be happy to help you.

What are my responsibilities as an FPP Provider?

You can find a copy of our current provider agreement here