How our Flexible Payment Platform can help you develop your practice

You can use your Flexible Payment Platform in the practice to support patients in saying yes to treatments.

The platform enables you to increase treatment acceptance and uptake by creating budgeting plans for your patients. The application system is fully digital so patients can sign up in practice in a just few minutes using a tablet or the practice computer to fit in with your patient journey.

In addition, FPP provides the practice team with an easy to use reporting system:

  • Check patients are up to date with their payments in moments
  • Monitor which clinicians are seeing which patients for treatments to make it easy to pay them.

The patient budgeting plans created on FPP are ideal for the following treatment types, helping you grow your practice income and your private patient lists:

  • Orthodontic treatments including Invisalign┬« and invisible braces treatment plans
  • Implant treatment
  • Tooth Whitening
  • Facial Aesthetics including Botox and Dermal fillers

Flexible Payment Plans provide a way for patients to spread the costs of one off elective treatments over the course of 3 -10 months.  By spreading the cost, its easier for the patient to pay for the treatment plan within their monthly budget

In addition, Flexible Payment Plans can also be used to help patients pay for regular ongoing or top up treatments with an ongoing 'subscription style' payment. This is well suited to regularly occurring treatments including tooth whitening or dermal fillers for facial Aesthetics.

For more information about Flexible Payment Plans , you can download our guide for practices here

How our Flexible Payment Platform can help you develop your practice