Business support

We're more than just a dental payment plan provider.

We offer our members a range of unique and comprehensive business services as part of your membership, helping to make your life easier and your practice more profitable.

In this page you'll find more information about the following member services:

  • Dental Business Consultants and the Practice Support & Development team
  • Customer Services
  • Online services dashboard
  • Monthly patient reports
  • Patient feedback

Find out more about the business support services we offer members below

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Supporting your practice

More information about how we can support your practice
Dental Business Consultants and Practice Support & Development team

As a member you’ll have a full service back up team -  made up of a dedicated Consultant in the field and our Practice Support & Development team for day to day issues. They can advise and support you in a number of ways including: dentist-call-satisfaction

  • Setting and achieving practice goals
  • Retaining patients and increasing loyalty
  • Attracting new patients and promoting the practice
  • Helping you set the right fees to achieve your desired income
  • Raising your practice’s profile in the local area
  • Putting together a formal business and marketing plan
  • Providing bespoke training for your practice team

You can also book an appointment with one of our Consultants at a convenient time to discuss how Denplan payment plans could increase profitability in your practice

Book a Consultant appointment »

Our Practice Support & Development team support your practice team with almost anything they need help with on a day to day basis, from ordering literature, to answering questions on your membership or our plans. They’ll also advise you on how to register patients quickly and efficiently.

Customer Services

As well as supporting you and your practice with our Practice Support team and Consultants, our Customer Advisors also handle queries from your patients. We can answer any questions that your patients have about their dental payment plans, our company, or just a change to their personal details. So that’s one less thing to worry about.

Dashboard - your online account 

Once you become a member dentist you can apply for access to your Dashboard - this online account will give you access to a wealth of data about your practice, register patients online, as well as unique business tools and information about legislative and professional guidance. Use your personalised dashboard to get the most out of being a member dentist, including:

  • Online Patient Application - lets your patients register with a Denplan payment plan online, simply and efficiently
  • Practice Performance Profiles - shows you a variety of useful information about your practice, from net patient growth to cancellation reasons and income totals
  • Patient Data Exchange - if you have Carestream R4, this system updates changes in your patient data between your system and ours, so your patient data is always up to date
  • Quality Manuals - legislative and professional guidance on virtually all aspects of running a practice, so you  have access to the latest guidance
  • Denplan Essentials Direct - you can apply for Essentials Direct through your dashboard if you offer Essentials in your practice.  Denplan Essentials Direct allows patients to join quickly and easily through a link from our Find a Dentist area, or we can provide a link for your practice website
  • Set your fees online each year
Monthly patient reports

Your monthly report, which is available online, provides a summary of your Denplan patients such as leavers or joiners and what fees they’re paying. This allows you to keep track of payments coming your way and other useful information such as:

  • Income earned by the practice
  • Patients joining and leaving
  • Patients that have missed a regular payment
  • Latest patient changes of address
  • Patients’ fees
Patient feedback

We believe that it’s vital to know how your patients feel about your practice and the dental care they've received. That’s why we can support you in carrying out research to improve your understanding of your patients.