Business and marketing support


As a member of Denplan

You and your practice staff benefit from our extensive range of support, including our selection of exclusive business and marketing services. 

We’re here to make your life easier and your practice more profitable.

Business support

Keep your practice running smoothly
Day-to-day activity in your practice is core to the success of your business. Make sure your operations are in top shape with the help of our business support.

Personal support network


You'll have a dedicated consultant to help you achieve maximum benefit from your payment plans. And our practice support team to help with day-to-day issues. Your personal support network have it all covered, from ordering literature to developing a formal business plan.

Top customer service


Our customer advisors are here to handle any questions from your patients about Denplan. From queries about their payment plans to updating contact details, our experienced team are here to help your patients.  So, that's one thing less for you to worry about.

Monthly patient reports


You'll receive a monthly online report about your Denplan patients. Providing you with useful information, such as plan leavers or joiners, and the fees they’re paying.

Patient feedback


It’s vital to know how your patients feel about your practice and the dental care they've received. That’s why we support you to carry out patient research. And help you to improve your overall patient experience.

Simple online portal


As a member dentist, your online dashboard gives you simple, efficient control and in just a few clicks, you can access:

  • Online patient application - Letting your patients register their Denplan payment plan online.

  • Practice performance profiles - Useful information about your practice. From net patient growth, to cancellation reasons, and income totals.

  • Patient data exchange - Shares data between your system and ours, keeping your patient data up to date.

  • Quality manuals - Providing quality guidance on all aspects of running a dental practice. Our manuals include the latest information on legislative and regulatory updates.

  • Apply for Denplan Essentials Direct - If you offer Denplan Essentials in your practice, Denplan Essentials Direct allows patients to join quickly and easily through a link from our 'Find a Dentist' tool, or we can set up a link for your practice website.

  • Denplan Advantage - Benefit from a range of exclusive member offers on a range of business services and products.
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Marketing support

Promote your dental practice for optimum success


Marketing is an essential part of your business plan and is key to growing and developing your dental practice. That’s why, as a Denplan member dentist, you have access to our marketing services for no additional cost.

Practice marketing consultancy


As a member dentist, you have access to our specialist marketing team. They're on hand to help you promote and grow your practice. 


Depending on your business plans, this could include:

  • Drawing up a marketing plan specific for your practice needs
  • Designing bespoke marketing collateral to attract or retain patients
  • Advising on marketing channels to reach your target market
  • Giving advice on social media
  • Access to our online tool, Simply Select, which hosts over a hundred templates to help you quickly market your products and services


Simply Select


Simply Select is a free marketing template tool which allows you to personalise marketing materials. You can create everything from a simple poster to a referral card. Just upload your practice logo and prices to start creating bespoke content. There are over 100 design templates to choose from. Everything is free to download and ready to print – either in your practice or externally.



Patient profiling


Patient profiling reports (worth £2,500) provide detailed information about your patients and the people living around your practice.  The report combines your patient information overlaid with demographic , regional data provided by CACI creating a comprehensive summary of consumer behaviour which will help inform your marketing decisions. The patient profile report, may be offered to you as part of the business review and goal setting with your Business Development Consultant.