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Ant Donaldson, Senior Specialist - Employee Benefits, E.ON UK

These comments are provided in good faith, based on our general experience of working with Denplan to the date of writing. Neither E.ON UK nor any of its employees accepts any liability for any reliance you may or may not place on them

Why did you decide to offer a dental plan benefit to your employees?

We originally decided to offer dental cover in our My Choice flexible benefits scheme when we launched it several years ago. Having carried out some benchmarking this was to ensure we offered comprehensive benefit options, meeting employee demand and complementing our existing healthcare benefits.

What were the main reasons that prompted you to choose Denplan as the provider of your dental plan?

Simplyhealth have provided our private medical cover and healthcare cash plans for the past few years and we were aware they had recently acquired Denplan. Even though we had no concerns with our previous dental cover provider, having established an excellent working relationship with Simplyhealth, we took the opportunity to request a proposal from Denplan as part of our most recent dental cover contract renewal. The result was that we were able to secure a deal we were happy with, with the added benefit of consolidating our benefit providers.

How was the sign up process when you first decided to take out a Denplan product?

It all went very smoothly. Denplan were helpful in ensuring existing members would not see any break in cover on moving from our previous provider and sent a letter to all employees with dental cover re-assuring them about the change, letting them know about the new arrangements, in advance of the renewal date. They also worked with us and our flex scheme provider to help promote the cover to our employees and ensured that members’ packs were issued efficiently following annual enrolment.

How were the Sales Consultants and Account Managers to deal with?

They were very helpful. They understood and rapidly dealt with all of our initial queries and concerns and provided a number of flexible pricing proposals for us to choose from. Having confirmed the deal, they were proactive in suggesting ways of promoting the cover to help maximise take-up.

Have you ever used Denplan’s marketing support services?

Again, they were really helpful. As well as providing posters, leaflets, website copy and letters to promote the cover, they supported our flexible benefits roadshows at key sites and sent an introductory ‘goody bag’ to our benefits champions. They also suggested and ran a competition, with prizes for the champions at the sites with the highest take-up. As a result of all of this, dental cover take-up increased by 27% to 836 employees (and 263 dependents) following 2013 annual enrolment, exceeding our expectations.

How do you find the service in general?

So far so good! As well as finding the overall process of setting up existing and new members really straight-forward, we have also received positive feedback from employees about how their claims and any queries have been handled.

Have you got any specific examples of particularly good (or bad) service that you have received from the team?

When it comes to many of our benefits, it’s generally the case that ‘no news is good news’. To date, no issues have been escalated to me, which is great, and, at a personal level, both my wife and I have made claims using Denplan’s online service and they have been dealt with accurately and efficiently.

How did you find Denplan’s approach to your sign up/renewal? Were you able to settle on terms promptly?

Yes, all our queries and concerns were dealt with positively and we were offered a series of pricing options to choose from. Once the decision was taken, we were able to include the cover as a variation to our existing contract with Simplyhealth and the whole process was really easy.

Do you feel that you are getting good value from your product?

Yes, we believe we are – 836 employees and 263 of their dependents have the cover, demonstrating how well it is valued by our workforce – and we have felt confident enough to extend our healthcare benefits arrangement with Simplyhealth, to match our three year deal with Denplan.

Could Denplan do anything else to improve their service?

As I’m sure any commercially-minded customer would say, anything you can do to increase cover benefits and limits and/or decrease cover prices would always be welcome! At a more detailed level, not insisting on itemised receipts may make the claiming process slightly more straight-forward, provided a dentist’s receipt for the total amount is provided along with the treatment breakdown.

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