Need a dental plan that cares for employees and their extended family?

Eldercare is the answer

Eldercare gives employees the opportunity to extend their dental health package to cover the people they love.   They can add upto four relatives at the same rate as themselves, as well as child dependants. 

More and more of us have the care of elderly relatives to consider as well as our own, so including eldercare on our plans has been designed to provide both financial and (more importantly) emotional reassurance for everyone. 

What is driving demand for eldercare as an extension to workplace benefits?*

  • Eldercare is the fastest growing add-on in the flexible benefits world being made available to employees.
  • The number of people needing care will outstrip the family members able to provide it.
  • Demand is being driven by the UK’s ageing demographic, the growing number of users of health and social care, and the ‘sandwich generation’, those of aged 30-60,  who need to manage their work-life balance better to cope with the care of children and of elderly relatives.
  • The UK’s changing demographic will create a number of challenges for employers, but perhaps the most pressing will be the need for organisations to help employees understand the realities of living longer and caring for their families across all generations.

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*Source: Employee Benefits online article ‘What is driving demand for eldercare as a workplace benefit’ June 2014

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