Health and wellbeing benefits survey 

The Simplyhealth Health and Wellbeing Benefits Guide 2017 is our new annual guide to help HR Professionals through the complex employee benefits landscape. Based on brand new research from over 500 employers and 2,500 employees, the survey contains new insights into employer and employee opinions on the workplace benefits available, whilst providing practical support to implement a health and wellbeing workplace strategy. 

What is health and wellbeing at work?

At Simplyhealth, we define good workplace health and wellbeing as having employees who are fit, healthy and happy, enabling each individual - and business - to get the most out of their working day. Just as you protect your employees from physical harm through health and safety measures, supporting your employees' overall health and wellbeing helps you to meet your duty of care obligations and build a more positive workplace environment. 

Why does it matter?

Due to growing burdens placed on both employers and employees - such as squeezing budgets, the unknown impact of Brexit and the prevalence of workplace stress - it has never been more important for us to take care of our employees. Having a fit, healthy and happy workforce is frequently linked with a range of advantages for your business, including better employee engagement, increased productivity and a reduction in staff absence. A good health and wellbeing strategy can encourage employees to view their employer more positively, increasing job and workplace satisfaction. Happier staff makes them more receptive to change and flexible in their working, which is key in the current economic and HR climate. Put simply, having a good health and wellbeing strategy makes good business sense. 

Key findings of the 2017 research include*:

  • 81% of organisations say they have a health and wellbeing strategy
  • 56% of employers say they 'don't know' what the top health and wellbeing priorities are for their employees
  • 56% of employee benefits professionals say that reducing sickness absence is their top priority
  • 40% of HR professionals want to increase the number of employee benefits they offer to their staff

The Guide includes expert commentary from Pam Whelan, Director of Corporate, Simplyhealth and Debi O'Donovan, Director for Reward & Employee Benefits Association. 

*Simplyhealth Health and Wellbeing Guide 2017, total respondents 3,000

Health and Wellbeing 2017 key findings

Health and Wellbeing Benefits Guide 2017

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