Big Family Brush-Up 

This summer, take on the Big Family Brush-Up!

From 25th June to the end of August, we're challenging families to really focus on their brushing habits for a four-week period, to ensure your children are brushing thoroughly for two minutes, twice a day. All they need to do is fill in their brushing charts every morning and night for four weeks.

We've got lots of handy tips on this site and in A Little Book of Healthy Smiles to ensure your children are brushing properly, as well as ideas to make brush time fun! By the end of the four-week period, we hope that kids will be enthusiastic about brushing and be brushing thoroughly each day.

Ready to take part?

  1. Download our Little Book of Healthy Smiles – full of brushing tips and dental advice
  2. Download and print a brushing chart for your child
  3. Pick a four-week period between 25th June and August that suits your family to do your Big Family Brush-Up challenge. 
  4. Ensure your child brushes for two minutes twice a day, and fill in their brushing charts every morning and night for four weeks
  5. Have fun brushing!

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Big Family Brush Up 2018