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Do you think you look after your teeth and gums properly?

Often it can be easy to think that your mouth is healthy and that you're doing all you can to take care of your oral health.

The short questionnaire below will help you to determine how your actions and lifestyle are affecting your teeth and gums, and give you an indication about your future risk of dental disease.

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Denplan PreViser Patient Assessment

A selection of our member dentists offer patients a regular oral health assessment known as the Denplan PreViser Patient Assessment. This can be carried out at your regular dental appointments, and can help you to understand more about looking after your teeth and gums. 

The results of these assessments also help your dental team to plan your care, and monitor any changes in your oral health and lifestyle. They can also use your personal results to help you find the best ways to look after your teeth and gums at home, in between your appointments. 

You'll be given a report showing you your score that you can take home and read at your leisure, giving you more time to think about any improvements you could make to your oral health and less to remember during your appointment. 

Ask your dental team about the Denplan PreViser Patient Assessment to find out if it's available in your practice.