Do you suffer from dry mouth?

Did you know that one in five adults in the UK are affected by dry mouth?

Often left undiagnosed, the condition is common in people who take prescribed medicines, and can cause sufferers discomfort, sleep deprivation and other lifestyle problems.

Common symptoms of dry mouth include:

  • A general feeling of oral dryness
  • Change in the ability to taste
  • Difficulty swallowing and eating dry foods
  • A burning pain in the gums and other soft tissues in the mouth
  • A ‘furry’ looking tongue
  • Needing to drink more often
  • Waking up frequently during the night
  • Increased sensitivity to acidic, salty and spicy foods

A big issue facing dry mouth sufferers is the negative effect the condition can have on their overall quality of life. A lack of the normal amount and quality of saliva in the mouth can have a tremendous impact on many of the everyday functions of the mouth that we take for granted. These include tasting food, swallowing properly and protecting teeth from dental decay.

If you suffer from any of the symptoms above and are worried you may have dry mouth, you should speak to your dental team. They will be able to check the quantity and quality of your saliva (without discomfort), and suggest a course of action to improve your condition. If you aren’t already a Denplan patient, you can find your nearest member dentist here.

To learn more about dry mouth, and to see how other people cope with the condition, visit our dry mouth information page.

Published: September 6th, 2013

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Dry mouth is a common condition that can be managed