No Smoking Day 2016

This year, Wednesday 9th March marks the British Heart Foundation’s No Smoking Day.

This is one of the country’s biggest health awareness campaigns, designed to encourage current smokers to quit by providing readily available support and advice. 

As well as being linked to heart disease and lung cancer, smoking can have a devastating effect on oral health. The nicotine and tar in tobacco can also cause teeth to become yellow over a very short period of time, which can be tricky to reverse. 

To add to this, it has been suggested that smoking can dull your taste buds, causing the inability to enjoy the taste of certain foods. 

Smoking can also reduce the blood flow to the gums and tissues that support the teeth in the mouth. This increases the chances of gum disease, the most common cause of tooth loss in adults. 

What’s even more shocking is that smoking is one of the main causes of mouth cancer, a disease that causes over 1,900 deaths every year in the UK alone. 

Regular visits to your dental team are essential to look after your teeth and gums, and even more so if you’re a smoker. Your dentist is best-placed to help you combat the effects of smoking, and to spot any other conditions that may need further investigation.

To find out more about No Smoking Day and for help and advice on kicking the habit, visit the official campaign website.

Published: March 03, 2016 

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Make March 9th the day you start to stop.