No Smoking Day 2017

March 8th marks No Smoking Day, an initiative launched in 1983 to encourage everyone to quit for good.

The risks to your oral health and overall health are well known at this point – smoking has been shown to be a factor in mouth cancer, gum disease, lung cancer, heart disease and many, many more. So instead of focusing on all of the risks associated with smoking, we’re giving you five practical tips to make quitting that bit easier.

1. Choose a date to quit

When planning to quit, choose a day to start on which will be stress-free, and commit to stopping smoking on that day. Tell your friends and family that you’ll be quitting then, and remove all reminders of smoking from your house before that date – cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters.

2. Consider nicotine replacement therapies

Nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) such as patches, gum or sprays are all worth considering when you’re giving up Smoking. They’re considerably safer, and research has shown it can help your chances of quitting by as much as 50-70%1.

cigarette butt

Make 2017 the year you quit for good

3. Look into smoking services

There are a number of free services up and down the UK to help you kick your smoking habit. Developed by experts and ex-smokers and delivered by professionals, they offer advice, support and encouragement to give up the habit for good. Speak to your local GP or visit the NHS Smokefree website to find out what help is on offer.

4. Save the money you would have spent and treat yourself

Put aside the money you would have spent on cigarettes over a given period of time and use that money to treat yourself! It could be a shopping trip, a night out or money towards a holiday, whatever takes your fancy!

5. Have strategies to deal with triggers

Make sure you avoid trigger situations and have strategies to deal with them if they occur. For example, replace your after-dinner cigarette with sugar-free gum. If you and a friend often smoked at a certain bar, maybe change your Friday night drinking session for a cinema trip.


Published: March 2nd, 2017 

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