Cutting down on sugar

Information to help you reduce your sugar intake

Every time you eat or drink anything sugary, your teeth are under acid attack for up to one hour. This is because the sugar will react with the bacteria in plaque (the sticky coating on your teeth) and produce the harmful acids. So it is important to keep sugary foods and drinks only to mealtimes, limiting the amount of time your mouth is at risk.

We already have more than enough sugar in our diets from naturally-occurring sources such as whole fruits, vegetables and milk (these are intrinsic sugars) and we don't need or benefit from eating the extrinsic sugars that are added to our food and drink.

Use the links below to find out more about cutting down on your sugar intake, including some tasty recipes to make the transition easier!


Reduce the extrinsic sugars in your diet.

Useful resources to help you cut back.