Making healthy choices for your teeth

Preventive dentistry is based on establishing and maintaining a good oral health care routine to help stop problems before they start. There are a number of things you can do on a daily basis to help with this, including making healthy choices for your teeth and gums when you eat and drink.

Taking care of your teeth after you eat 

Having a healthy diet is a vital part of wellbeing, as is following a good oral health routine. We’ve put together some easy tips for you to use every day to make sure you keep your mouth in tip top condition after you eat: 

  • If you eat or drink anything acidic, wait for at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth, so as not to weaken your tooth enamel
  • If you don’t have much time in the morning, try brushing your teeth before you eat breakfast
  • Use a fluoride mouth rinse after lunchtime to remove any major food particles
  • Chew sugar-free gum after meals to stimulate your mouth to produce more saliva, helping to prevent tooth decay
Food prep

Make healthy choices for your teeth

Choosing the right snacks and more.

healthy snacks for teethChoosing what you eat

There are also a few things you can consider when choosing what you have to eat and when to reduce your chances of tooth decay and acid erosion:

  • Swap sugary fizzy drinks for tooth-friendly ones, such as milk, water or green tea
  • Keep fruit juices and smoothies to mealtimes only, as they’re very acidic and contain high amounts of fructose (fruit sugar), meaning that they can be as damaging to your teeth as fizzy drinks
  • Try to limit the number of snacks you have in one day, and avoid sugary or acidic foods when you do have them. Most dentists agree that it’s a good idea to find snacks that are healthy for your teeth as well as your body. To help you, we’ve put together a simple snack chart - see image on the right.
  • Try a cheeseboard instead of ordering dessert when you go out; cheese helps to neutralise acids in the mouth that can lead to tooth decay 
  • Stay away from ‘sticky’ sugary foods like dried fruit or jelly sweets – these can stick to your teeth for the rest of the day, providing the perfect snack for the bad bacteria in your mouth