What our members say about us*

Laura Wilson - practice manager at Tandragee Dental Practice

"Tandragee has always been a private dental practice and it’s run by our husband and wife team, Bryan Telford Wright and Alison Burnett.  We offer loads of services ranging from general dental maintenance to surgical implants and orthodontics, as well as more cosmetic work and facial rejuvenation treatments. We’ve got over 1,000 private patients who are absolutely great! Everyone knows us when they come in and we know every single one of our patients as they’re all lovely! We pride ourselves on our customer service and personal approach and that’s why we always want the best for them and for our team.

I did the dental nursing and the practice for 10 years before I eventually became the practice manager and I noticed straight away just how little support we were getting from our current payment plan provider, particularly on the administration side of things. I had to do absolutely everything and there was no support from them at all. 

Then one day our Denplan Consultant John came in and it was clear straight away that what they were offering was just so much better - and with so much more support it was a bit of a no brainer to be honest! Not only could he offer me bespoke training days complete with CPD hours, but specific information and support in regards to the RQIA regulations, which has really made things a lot easier for me. I actually think it’s amazing what we get out of this relationship and firmly believe that it’s changed our dental practice around for the better!

Laura Wilson

Laura Wilson, practice manager, Tandragee Dental Practice

The transition was brilliant; a wee bit scary to begin with as everyone was worried about a big, dramatic change. But it wasn’t like that at all as Denplan have been really supportive. John’s been absolutely brilliant - very, very good indeed. I was on the phone constantly to him for the first few weeks, but his support has been amazing and I was able to ring him as often as I needed.  He was even in the practice to help on the day of the launch to make sure it went really smoothly and that’s exactly what it did. His mobile number is now firmly posted right above my desk and he still calls in quite frequently to make sure things are going well. It’s easy to fall back in the first few months, but just with a phone call at the end of the week, John keeps us all motivated. It’s been fantastic.

The practice reaction 
Because we’ve had no problems whatsoever with the transition to Denplan, it’s meant that the patients were also really supportive too. Once we sat down with them and took the time to explain everything, they really needed very little convincing as they knew we had their best interests at heart and were more than happy to get on board. 

The staff are also 100% supportive and understand exactly what’s gone on in terms of the changeover.  When I look at the last provider, there was none of that support or training, so the staff really didn’t know how to answer any questions about the plan or membership. But with Denplan everyone is on track. Plus, I can now offer them so much more in terms of professional development and training with all of the upcoming Denplan training events for the whole team. That’s one of the best things about Denplan. I’ve been to the recent Practice Manager Forums they run and there is another one coming up soon for the Reception team. We’ve got a schedule for the whole year of the courses we’re going to go on and that really helps us all keep motivated and keep going.

I would 100% recommend Denplan to other dental practices. The change since we moved over has been amazing and we’ve even gained new patients as the response has been unbelievable. I’d highly recommend the move to Denplan!"

Ben Goode - dentist

"Joanne Hall has been our local Denplan representative for 6 years. Over that time she has been extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic in training the whole team. She has also helped us greatly in the development of our business by pinpointing areas of potential growth in the practice. She is the only company rep that we would trust 110%! We look forward to working together for many years ahead!"

*Please note, as of February 2017, Denplan have rebranded as Simplyhealth Professionals