Big Summer Brush-Up findings

How easy are UK parents finding it to get their children to brush properly?

To find out more about the oral health routine of the nation's children, we surveyed over 2000 parents of children aged 2-11* about their experiences of their children's oral health routine. What we discovered may surprise you!

We've collected some of our key findings into one useful infographic -  click here to view the full the infographic as a PDF

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Published: July 22nd, 2015

*Paediatric Oral Health Survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Denplan. Survey was carried out online between 22 May – 3rd June 2015, surveying 2000 parents of children aged 2 – 11 years of age.

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Are your children rushing brushing?

Following a recent survey of over 2000 parents*, we found that many children aren't brushing properly, which can be a huge challenge for families to tackle.