Are you getting enough calcium?

How much calcium is in the foods you eat? Find out using our useful infographic

Calcium is an essential nutrient when it comes to healthy bone and tooth development. It’s the most commonly found mineral in the body, responsible for ensuring that teeth and bones develop to be strong and resistant to breakages or fractures. 

In addition, research has found that certain dairy products, which are typically rich in calcium, help to fight erosion by neutralising acids and stabilising the mouth’s pH level. Milk and cheese in particular contain nutrients such as casein, calcium and phosphorus which can help to prevent tooth decay. 

Regular calcium intake is important at all ages - the elderly in particular require a higher daily level of calcium in order to prevent conditions such as osteoporosis, a condition that causes weak bones. We've put together this useful infographic for you, so you can find out the easiest way to include enough calcium in your diet.


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Milk splash

Calcium is an essential nutrient in the development of healthy teeth and bones.

Here's how to make sure you're getting enough.