Choosing the right snacks for children

Snacks that keep kids - and their teeth - happy!

Choosing the right healthy snacks for your children or grandchildren can be tricky sometimes, especially as some ‘healthy’ foods might actually be harmful to their teeth. We’ve put together some tips for meals and snacks that will help to keep children - and teeth - happy!

For example, why not swap sugary snacks for nuts, low-sugar yogurts, breadsticks, and hummus with cucumber, raw pepper, carrot and celery sticks?

For more tips like this head over to our Kids’ corner to find out more about better snack choices for children. You can also download our fun Snack Choices activity sheet for free!

More tips and download the activity sheet 

Published: July 29th, 2015

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Making good snack choices

Help children choose better snacks with our free snack choices downloadable!