Denplan for Schools

Denplan for Schools provides worldwide dental cover for pupils of independent schools across the UK. 

With a choice of payment options Denplan for Schools provides cover for dental emergencies and injuries.

As the UK's leading dental plan provider, we give peace of mind for both schools and parents.

What’s included?


Pupils are covered by Denplan for Schools regardless of when term time starts and ends. All benefits apply all year-round.

  • £10,000 a year for the costs of treatment required as a result of a dental injury

  • £5,000 per policy year for loss of a tooth or teeth, including:
    • £1,500 for a front tooth
    • £750 for a back tooth
    • £100 for a wisdom tooth

  • £2,000 per policy year for worldwide dental emergency treatment cover towards the cost of emergency treatment anywhere in the world

  • £12,000 mouth cancer cover (cover not immediate)

  • 24-Hour Dental Emergency Helpline for pupils, parents and school staff

How it works

If a pupil has a dental injury or emergency, they can visit any UK or worldwide dentist to receive treatment.


After the appointment, either:

  • The dentist who has treated the pupil will be able to claim back the cost of eligible treatment from Denplan


  • The dentist will require payment for the treatment at the time of visit. The receipt must be retained and submitted with your claim


If the pupil, parent or school pays for emergency dental treatment, they must obtain written documentation of the treatment received, signed by your dentist. This should be on the dental practice's headed paper.


Claims should be submitted to Denplan for Schools within 60 days of the completion of treatment.

How to submit a claim


What does it cost?

There are four ways your school can offer Denplan for Schools to your pupils

Premiums quoted are per pupil    
Opt in £4.99 per term

The school offers parents the option of covering their child with Denplan for schools.


If parents opt in, they’re charged on a termly basis. 

If the school pays for cover per academic year,  a further 5% discount will be applied with cover from £14.22.

Inclusive £1.99 per term

All pupils at the school are covered.


The school pays the cost of the cover and this is “absorbed” into the school fees.


If the school pays for cover per academic year, a further 5% discount will be applied with cover available from £5.67.

Update your pupil numbers


If you have a Denplan for schools policy with us, you can easily update the number of pupils you wish to cover each term by completing this simple form.