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Your Denplan payment options


We have a number of ways to help you manage your Denplan payment plans over this current period. Read on to find out more about your options.

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Did you know that your Denplan payment plan actually breaks down the annual cost of your routine dental care so that you end up paying less for treatment, and it’s easier to budget for?


Your monthly payment plan spreads the cost of your whole year’s treatment, so it’s worth maintaining your plan to help spread the costs of good oral health.


Practices have reopened and are working hard to catch up with appointments that were missed through lockdown. You will now be able to access both emergency and routine care with your Denplan member dentist.


We strongly recommend that you contact your dentist who will be able to discuss your specific, individual clinical needs with you.


Your plan spreads the cost of your dental care over the year


Please be aware that if you cancel your plan and re-join later, missing monthly payments may impact the cost of any treatment you need in the future based on your clinical needs. 


And did you know your oral health has a big impact on your overall wellbeing? It’s especially important to look after your dental health now, to protect your overall health for the future.


The benefits of staying on a plan


Denplan and your dentist are still working to keep your mouth healthy:


  • Most of our Denplan member dentists are now open and are working hard to catch up with their backlogs from the period they were unable to open 
  • Therefore your dentist is now able to offer appointments for both urgent and routine care
  • As well as this your dentist is able to give advice and guidance over the phone if you have a dental emergency and authorise prescriptions for you over the phone if you need them
  • Your Denplan payment plan is still spreading the cost of your care throughout the year, so you’re still able to get the treatment you need once your practice reopens for appointments


You probably have many questions about how your plan worked during lockdown, so we’ve got the answers you need right here.

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